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also ca·das·ter  (kə-dăs′tər)
A public register showing details of ownership of the real property in a district, including boundaries and tax assessments.

[French, from Provençal cadastro, from Italian catastro, alteration of Old Italian catastico, from Late Greek katastikhon, register : Greek kata-, by; see cata- + Greek stikhos, line; see steigh- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·das′tral adj.
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(kəˈdæs trəl)

1. (of a map or survey) showing or including boundaries, property lines, etc.
2. of or pertaining to a cadastre.
[1855–60; < French; see cadastre, -al1]
ca•das′tral•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.cadastral - of or relating to the records of a cadastre
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'You see, Mister O'Hara, I do not know what the deuce-an'- all I shall do when I find our sporting friends; but if you will kindly keep within sight of my umbrella, which is fine fixed point for cadastral survey, I shall feel much better.'
The State Registration Service and the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation signed a protocol of bilateral talks on December 10.
As a result, it is important for cadastral offices to pay more attention to urban and rural integrative cadastral management.
The third initiative is in the international cadastral and GIS (geographical information systems) market through its increased shareholding in NovaLIS, a Canadian software company, to 31 percent.
Central to these modern surveys was the rise of the cadastral map -- a large-scale cartographic record of property ownership that preserves not only the dimensions and shape of an owned land parcel on the earth's surface but also the spatial relationship of all such individual parcels to each other.(1) The rise of this form of mapping and its social and legal value in modern society should be attributed, argue Roger J.P.