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A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable.

[Short for caddie.]

cad′dish adj.
cad′dish·ly adv.


1. computer-aided design
2. coronary artery disease
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Adj.1.caddish - offensively discourteouscaddish - offensively discourteous    
discourteous - showing no courtesy; rude; "a distant and at times discourteous young"
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(o.f.) [ˈkædɪʃ] ADJdesvergonzado, canallesco
caddish trickcanallada f
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adj (dated)schurkisch (old), → niederträchtig
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Dujardin is the caddish captain called to serve in the war and leaving his distraught bride to-be.
Yet from it all - and just as Tolstoy and Prokofiev intended - believable human beings emerged: Jonathan McGovern as an ardent, dignified Andrei Bolkonsky, Lauren Michelle's touching, radiant-voiced Natasha, and - above all - Mark LeBrocq, whose kindly, awkward but sensitively-sung Pierre Bezhukov got the whole audience on side with his humiliation of Adrian Dwyer's caddish Anatole.
AlexLi finds Kitty in New York, also searching for his true self in another multicultural society, while trying to decide what to do about saying Li-Jin's Caddish. He unwillingly tries to memorize the prayer there, although he decides not to say Caddish and between the dichotomy of the cities he thinks England is his "true self", his "Buddha- nature".
It's a sign of how well he balances those moods that a chunky production positively flies by and Willis's ever more impressive range is demonstrated by her contrasting courtship dances with caddish cavalryman Francis Troy (Iain Mackay), stolid gentleman farmer William Boldwood (Matthew Lawrence) and slavishly steadfast shepherd Gabriel Oak (Joseph Caley).
I get to be a caddish rogue," grins Bloom, who is still holding on to his pretty-boy looks at 34.
Exactly what Hugh Grant did to get into the mindset of caddish hunk Daniel Cleaver goes unrecorded.
Top vocal honours go to Nicky, David Mc-Granaghan as the caddish Oderon and Matthew Wycliffe as Prince Ned, who delivers an impressive Unchained Melody.
The caddish hero of The Tale of Genii, the son of the emperor and his concubine, greatly moves the empress and other dignitaries with his spring-themed poem: 'Could I see the blossom as other blossoms, then would there be no dew to cloud my heart.'
After juggling two caddish swains during most of the film, Delysia comes to recognize her deeper feelings when her more genuine admirer, Michael (Lee Pace), a penniless jazz pianist, changes the song she is to sing at a party to "If I Didn't Care." Ms.
This said, I hope it is not caddish to respond briefly to his criticisms.
It was Gwyn Hughes Jones's first night as Pinkerton and he performed with caddish gusto, so much so his curtain call applause was peppered with complimentary boos.
Partnered by de Strooper as a cad, the rejected Roper in Weill's "Je Ne t'Aime Pas" gave ah emotionally shattered cast to the choreography that was quite different from Larsen's enraged dancing with the less caddish Sultanov.