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A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable.

[Short for caddie.]

cad′dish adj.
cad′dish·ly adv.


1. computer-aided design
2. coronary artery disease
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Adj.1.caddish - offensively discourteouscaddish - offensively discourteous    
discourteous - showing no courtesy; rude; "a distant and at times discourteous young"


(o.f.) [ˈkædɪʃ] ADJdesvergonzado, canallesco
caddish trickcanallada f


adj (dated)schurkisch (old), → niederträchtig
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Hugh, also 43, returns as caddish Daniel Cleaver, Bridget's one-time boss and ex-lover.
And he confirmed his caddish instincts by attempting to turn their affair to his advantage, first by selling his story to the media, then attempting to flog the love letters Diana had sent to him.
Billy Zane, who portrayed Kate Winslet's caddish fiance in Titanic, the most expensive film ever made, is to star in a Canadian-made film, Taxman, which has a budget of just pounds 1million.
Hugh, also 43, reprises his role as caddish Daniel Cleaver, Bridget's one-time boss and ex-lover.
Martin Clunes buried his lad act beneath a pencil moustache and a rather nifty titfer to play caddish Haigh and introduced us to his serial killing alter ego with a breezy voiceover, familiarising those of us who had little or no knowledge of the acid bath murderer with a case that stunned post- war Britain.
For most black and white of all the human values which the Titanic story explores are those which we knew once as gentlemanly gallantry and caddish cowardice.
The plot - executed in the Burgh Island hotel where Christie wrote the book - had all the classic ingredients: beautiful, flighty siren; her caddish lover and cuckold husband; several exquisitely English supporting roles - middle-aged, middle-class women asking "anyone for tennis?
Leslie said: "I've been miles away from those caddish roles for so long and it was strange to go back to it.
Heavily pregnant with her brother-in-law's child, Alison (Amanda Redman) was prepared to give raising the child a go with husband David (Peter Davison), but the return of caddish Graham makes that a non-starter.
Try remembering Henry Tilney of Northanger Abbey when reading about the caddish Henry Crawford in Mansfield Park, or even Mr.
Indeed, as aACAyRush' depicts - which Lauda says is portrayal aACAyidentical to that time' - his nemesis Hunt was emblematic of a decadent decade in F1, the caddish, charismatic Englishman knocking back a scotch and smoking marijuana ahead of a race.
The comic was already a familiar face on TV due to his role in the Pythonesque sketch show Not The Nine O'Clock News, and he would later achieve massive international success with Mr Bean, but it was his caddish Blackadder character which would earn him a place as a household name.