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A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable.

[Short for caddie.]

cad′dish adj.
cad′dish·ly adv.


1. computer-aided design
2. coronary artery disease
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Adj.1.caddish - offensively discourteouscaddish - offensively discourteous    
discourteous - showing no courtesy; rude; "a distant and at times discourteous young"


(o.f.) [ˈkædɪʃ] ADJdesvergonzado, canallesco
caddish trickcanallada f


adj (dated)schurkisch (old), → niederträchtig
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But while fans may be wondering if they can ever forgive Ross's caddish behaviour, it seems his wife Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) has decided to give him another chance - and she's definitely no pushover.
She had a gorgeous if caddish boyfriend, Robert, who was "so ridiculously French, which was somehow an asset and a defect at the same time," Poeppel writes.
Cooper, a long-standing football fan, said the plot will see the caddish Rupert Campbell-Black take over a club and the book will follow the fortunes of the team's players and families.
And while caddish Cleaver has a complicated love life, Hugh's might be even more so with two sons and two daughters from relationships with Tinglan Hong and Anna Eberstein.
Hugh Grant's absence as caddish Daniel Cleaver is certainly felt, though it also results in a fun sight gag where half of the Eastern European-model population of London has gathered for a Daniel-centric rendezvous.
Out Thursday Back in 1985, bestselling bonkbuster Riders made a huge impact with the caddish, womanising hero horseman Rupert Campbell-Black cantering his way into many hearts.
Gilda's determination to sacrifice her life for her lover's (the caddish Duke of Mantua) is devastatingly tragic, and Osborne wrung every vestige of pathos from that scenario.
But her love life becomes complicated as she falls for her caddish boss (Hugh Grant) and finds she's attracted to an old childhood friend (Colin Firth).
But with Hardy you always know it is going to end in tears and sure enough her relationship with the caddish soldier quickly falls apart.
Hired to work in her fields, Gabriel endures the humiliation of watching a local landowner (Michael Sheen) attempt to woo the feisty Bathsheba before a dashing but caddish Sergeant Troy (Tom Sturridge) arrives to whisk her off her feet.
It's great to hear a woman refusing to play the victim and giving her caddish boyfriend his just deserts in the form of an infectious, hook-laden chorus, as was the case with "White Liar.
He made his debut at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in Judith Weir's opera Miss Fortune, and returned there last month in the role of the caddish B.