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A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable.

[Short for caddie.]

cad′dish adj.
cad′dish·ly adv.


1. computer-aided design
2. coronary artery disease


old-fashioned Brit in a caddish manner
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61) A venture capitalist, Monty Kipps--like a twenty-first-century Bromion--rapes a poor island of her most valuable art works for personal gain, defrauds a friend of his wife of a valuable legacy, and with empty promises caddishly coerces his nubile African American research assistant into providing him with recreational sex.
Kapoor comes across as puppy-doggishly charming even when Raj occasionally behaves caddishly, and Balan is all the more appealing while suggesting--subtly, demurely--that Priya wishes she had met Raj before she met her fiance.
Into this oddball company arrives new maid Louise (Julie Delpy), an attractive young widow who quickly attracts the assorted gentlemen's attentions but is ultimately seduced by Grunewald, with tragic repercussions when, discovering she's got a young son, he caddishly drops her for a rich American leaving her heartbroken and worse-off.