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a. A student at a military school or in a military program training to be an officer.
b. A student training to be a police officer.
a. A younger son or brother.
b. A youngest son.

[French, from dialectal capdet, captain, from Late Latin capitellum, diminutive of Latin caput, capit-, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·det′ship′ n.
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Noun1.cadetship - the position of cadet
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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Miss Wilkinson, who is training for an officer cadetship in the maritime industry, bought the boat using inheritance money from her uncle after he died six years ago.
Tenders are invited for the irish air corps requires the services of recruitment specialists to implement a selection competition containing psychometric assessment with aptitude, cognitive, personality, psychomotor and competency based interview components for the air corps pilot cadetship in 2018.
The ranking is against 18 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced ranking covering the full range of a training center's areas of activity including number and types of programs, opportunity of cadetship and aviation training combined with higher education studies, data on the number of students, instructors as well as information regarding the size of fleet and the network of flight training devices the training center operates, among others.
For the Army, a cadetship is 15 months, the naval service is 20 months while a minimum of 30 months applies for the Air Corps.
Commander Jose Mari de la Peaa and four reserve army officers, have engaged in Leadership Training for Grade VII to VIII and Cadetship for Grades IX and X.
There is sense of a close-knit community was the of distinction The company has also supported the High Tide Automotive cadetship, the National Citizen Service and the recent Tees Valley Skills Event alongside numerous visits to schools and career events.
After an ABC cadetship, he joined Four Corners as a reporter in 1985, and then went to Dateline at SBS in 1986.
But in a Facebook post, Rock said he was prepared to take on the four-year cadetship program at the academy.
The Automotive Cadetship, a joint venture between industry, schools and Teesside charity The High Tide Foundation, is taking 13 and 14-year-olds on a fascinating journey through various stages of the industry's supply chain.
George's elder son Dyson, born in 1897 and not yet 13, passed the qualifying examination for a cadetship in the Royal Navy and went to England to enter the Royal Naval College at Osborne, the junior training establishment for naval cadets.