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a. A student at a military school or in a military program training to be an officer.
b. A student training to be a police officer.
a. A younger son or brother.
b. A youngest son.

[French, from dialectal capdet, captain, from Late Latin capitellum, diminutive of Latin caput, capit-, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·det′ship′ n.
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Noun1.cadetship - the position of cadet
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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Two PMA first-class cadets Robemer Laurencio and Trexy Janniele Hopida encouraged their fellow youth on Thursday to take the PMA entrance examination, being the first stage in the selection process for cadetship in the premier leadership training school in the country.
Albayalde said he is positive that Bautista, whom he knew since cadetship, will accept the apology given by Tulfo.
24 years of CAT and cadetship training in 5 professional high schools
Pumasok ako [I entered] and my mother persisted on my cadetship, she said (speaking in Ilocano) which translates to "Just try dear, you have nothing to lose"," she said.
I earned a cadetship and worked my way up before moving to magazines then to the Middle East.
Paul Metcalfe, Samson Metcalfe, Glen Fenby, Jill Hodgson, Erika Marshall Youngsters at a High Tide automotive cadetship event
Recruitment booths will also be put up in some city malls to allow those would-be applicants and other stakeholders to know more about cadetship.
The book's value is obvious as the author starts from Upton's early years, his cadetship at West Point, and the opening years of the Civil War, as very formative times for the young officer.
Miss Wilkinson, who is training for an officer cadetship in the maritime industry, bought the boat using inheritance money from her uncle after he died six years ago.
The ranking is against 18 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced ranking covering the full range of a training center's areas of activity including number and types of programs, opportunity of cadetship and aviation training combined with higher education studies, data on the number of students, instructors as well as information regarding the size of fleet and the network of flight training devices the training center operates, among others.
For the Army, a cadetship is 15 months, the naval service is 20 months while a minimum of 30 months applies for the Air Corps.