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However, she and John soon have more to worry about when a smelly colleague tries to cadge a lift to work.
30pm) INSIDE No 9 writer and performer Reece Shearsmith switches from BBC2 to BBC1 to cadge a lift in the Peter Kay sitcom.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Cheetah 9 Aping 10 Pushy 11 Retrace 12 Ran 13 Specials 16 Cleanser 17 Nib 19 Earache 21 Oasis 22 Maple 23 Tombola DOWN: 1 Sceptre 2 Personal 3 Stay 4 Earthier 5 Tina 6 Egret 8 Hornet's nest 13 Searcher 14 Long shot 15 Abysmal 18 Germs 20 Ropy 21 Ohms QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Plaster cast 8 Duo 9 Not 1 Amateur 12 Dough 13 Nan 14 Bay 15 Visited 17 Err 19 Ogle 21 Over 23 Area 25 Mate 27 See 29 Take off 31 Sue 34 Rip 36 Ended 37 Precede 38 Rig 39 All 40 Temperature DOWN: 1 Puma 2 Loan 3 Sterile 4 Earwig 5 Cadge 6 Snub 7 Toga 8 Dance 10 Thyme 16 Doe 18 Rot 20 Gas 22 Vet 24 Reflect 25 Miser 26 Pepper 28 Expel 30 Add up 32 Unit 33 Edge 34 Rear 35 Idle
If he is on walking holidays, he should walk and not cadge lifts.
Hellen Dillnutt, Gloucester: An old tip from more than 60 years ago is to cadge some new soot from a chimney sweep and scatter it over.
Or cadge a room in his buddy's mansion in Crawford, Texas (he used to be very good at holiday house-cadging) and pick up a paint brush.
Things are dramatic from the start, with a threatened visit to the court by the dreaded Um'Binnians (enough pillows and towels will be a problem), and the troubles of the odd-job boy who lives behind the elephant house, Hodie, looking to cadge some breakfast from the royal kitchen.
Instead, he will cadge a lift in a pal's humble Volkswagen Polo.
WHAT are the chances that the Blairs, before leaving No 10, will cadge the last of the summer freebies?
Tonight's episode concerns the boys' attempts to earn or cadge money for a history-class's field trip, while sneaking Acerelo's grandmother's medicine past a border of thugs.
Then they pull one out of the collective hat like "Evening of the Day," its opening lines a straight cadge from Jagger and Richards' "As Time Goes By" and the chorus a nod to St.
Hills remembers: "Jeffrey would post a letter to himself every day and when the post van arrived to deliver it he'd cadge a lift to the village pub.