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Adj.1.caecal - of or like a cecum
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Chilaiditi syndrome and associated caecal volvulus.
The in vitro gas production technique has been used to evaluate the nutritive value of feed in caecal fermenters; it also provides information about kinetics and fermentation characteristics of feedstuff and diets, and is a useful indicator of caecal microbial activity (STANCO et al.
Outline of underlying diagnoses necessitating multiple repeat laparotomy Underlying Diagnosis Incidence General Surgery (n = 43) Appendicitis 10 (23%) Malignancies 6 (14%) Peptic Ulcer Disease 4 (9%) Herniae 4 (9%) Adhesive Bowel Obstruction 4 (9%) Intestinal infections (tuberculosis, 3 (7%) amoebiasis, mucormycosis) Diverticular Disease 1 (2%) Caecal volvulus 1 (2%) Intussusception 1 (2%) Gallbladder empyema 1 (2%) Definitive diagnosis never established 4 (9%) Other 4 (9%) Trauma (n = 29) Gunshot Abdomen 10 (34%) Stab Abdomen 10 (34%) Blunt Abdominal Trauma 9 (31%) Table 2.
High-grain feeding alters caecal bacterial microbiota composition and fermentation and results in caecal mucosal injury in goats.
Also, supplementation of organic acids such as; butyric acid fumaric acid and lactic acid in the diet of broiler chickens were shown increased in body weight gains but caused decrease in the caecal viable coliform counts [24].
There could be aortic valve disease associated with bleeding from caecal A-V malformations.
Turmeric I-percent diet supplementation help in gaining weight and the lesions scores reduction in small intestine, in the study conducted on chicks which were infected by Eimera maxima a caecal parasite.
1995), previously Pangasa (2005) experimentally observed that herbal immunomodulator (containing Mangifera indica, Ocimum sanctum, Phyllanthus emblica, Wlthania somnifera and Shilajit) are very much helpful in boosting immune system and fighting against caecal coccidiosis.
Effects of dietary inclusion of Paciflor[R] (Bacillus CIP 5832) on the milk composition and performances of does and on caecal and growth parameters of their weanlings.
The operative finding was that of an unresectable caecal tumour, and a defunctioning loop colostomy was formed.