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Adj.1.caecal - of or like a cecum
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Ao and Choct (2013) also demonstrated that caecal pH was not affected by dietary supplementation of MOS in broilers.
She returned on 6 June 2012 for a colonoscopy, which confirmed the caecal mass.
Caecal bifurcation pre-acetabular closer to oral sucker than to acetabulum, forming caecal shoulders before beginning descent from acetabular level; posteriorly caeca thick-walled, with short diverticula on median and lateral sides terminating just above excretory bladder (Fig.
Experimental studies on urinary bladder reconstruction using PTFE, caecal pedicle, fresh autogenous and preserved allogenic bladder grafts in goats.
The significance of lymphocytes to the survival of septic animals is supported by the markedly reduced capacity of lymphocyte-deficient mice to survive caecal ligation and puncture (CLP) (19).
difficile counts were assessed in the washed out caecal content by inoculating different dilutions on cefoxitin cycloserine fructose agar and incubating anaerobically at 37[degrees]C for 48 h.
The retroperitoneal surface in distal caecal and proximal ascending colon carcinoma: the Cinderella surgical margin?
The acidification of the caecal lumen would decrease the toxicity of luminal contents to the gut mucosa [30].
The colonoscopic evaluation showed dolicocolon, and a polypoid lesion in the caecal area which actually proved to be a hyperplastic polyp after histopathological examination was performed on the excised lesion.