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 (sə-sĭl′yən, -sĭl′ē-ən, -sēl′-)
Any of various legless, burrowing amphibians of the order Gymnophiona, having numerous grooved rings encircling the body, and found chiefly in tropical regions.

[From Latin caecilia, a kind of lizard, from caecus, blind (from its small eyes).]
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(Animals) any tropical limbless cylindrical amphibian of the order Apoda (or Gymnophiona), resembling earthworms and inhabiting moist soil
[C19: from Latin caecilia a kind of lizard, from caecus blind]
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(siˈsɪl i ən)

a wormlike, burrowing tropical amphibian of the order Gymnophiona.
[1875–80; < Latin caecili(a) blindworm]
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Noun1.caecilian - any of the small slender limbless burrowing wormlike amphibians of the order Gymnophionacaecilian - any of the small slender limbless burrowing wormlike amphibians of the order Gymnophiona; inhabit moist soil in tropical regions
amphibian - cold-blooded vertebrate typically living on land but breeding in water; aquatic larvae undergo metamorphosis into adult form
Caeciliadae, Caeciliidae, family Caeciliadae, family Caeciliidae - coextensive with the order Gymnophiona: legless amphibians
Adj.1.caecilian - of or relating to or belonging to the family Caeciliidae
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Caecilian and anuran urogenital duct characters were utilized to assess character polarity, and when states for these taxa are known, they were coded as "state 0" indicating the hypothesized pleisiomorphic condition.
They did post the July birth of a Caecilian, a legless amphibian, at the Tennessee Aquarium.