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n. cecostomía, creación de una apertura artificial en el ciego.
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Surgical treatment can be either caecostomy or, in case of ischemic bowel, hemicolectomy with or without primary anastomosis or total abdominal colectomy.
If pharmacological/endoscopic decompression failed or signs suggestive of perforation exist, then surgical intervention should be considered in the form of caecostomy, hemicolectomy, and resection of the ischemic or perforated segment of the bowel to be performed.
In all cases sigmoid colon volvulus, resection anastomosis was done as gut was not viable and in 1 case caecum was involved in which caecostomy and caecopexy was performed.
This case describes the novel use of percutaneous needle caecostomy as a life-saving measure to prevent imminent caecal perforation in a critically ill patient with large bowel obstruction.
Surgeons who favour resection usually present recurrence rates and local complications associated with caecostomy or caecopexy, while proponents of non-resectional approach advocate low mortality, less physiological insult and low recurrence rates.11 However, with improvement in intraoperative and post-operative care, morbidity and mortality linked with colectomies performed with acute caecal volvulus has declined significantly and is preferred over tube caecostomy and caecopexy.10
(1) These cases require added hospitalization, extra care for their caecostomy, and a second operation to re-place the caecum into the abdomen.
The influence of caecostomy and colonic irrigation on pathophysiology and prognosis in acute experimental pancreatitis.
Decompressive procedures (i.e., Turnbull procedure or faecal diversion by transversostomy or caecostomy) were associated with severe postoperative bleeding from the colon in 86% and a total mortality of 71%, compared to 21% postoperative morbidity and mortality in the total colectomy group and only 8% and 6% in the subtotal colectomy group, respectively.
Tube caecostomy was performed using mallacot catheter with two wings of flower cut off.
Tube caecostomy was done in 1 case of carcinoma stomach infiltrating transverse colon.