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also ca·fe  (kă-fā′, kə-)
A restaurant serving coffee and other beverages along with baked goods or light meals.

[French, coffee, café, from Italian caffè, coffee, from Ottoman Turkish qahve; see coffee.]
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(ˈkæfeɪ; ˈkæfɪ)
1. a small or inexpensive restaurant or coffee bar, serving light meals and refreshments
2. South African a corner shop or grocer
[C19: from French: coffee]
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or ca•fe

(kæˈfeɪ, kə-)

n., pl. -fés or -fes.
1. a restaurant, often with an enclosed or outdoor section extending onto the sidewalk.
2. a restaurant, usu. small and unpretentious.
3. a barroom, cabaret, or nightclub.
[1780–90; < French: literally, coffee]
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1. 'café'

A café /'kæfeɪ/ is a place where you can buy drinks and simple meals or snacks. In Britain, cafés often don't sell alcoholic drinks. Café is sometimes spelled cafe.

Is there an internet café near here?
They've opened a cafe in the main square.
2. 'coffee'

Coffee /'kɒfi/ is a hot drink.

Would you like a cup of coffee?
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are soldcafe - a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold
caff - informal British term for a cafe
cybercafe - a cafe whose customers sit at computer terminals and log on to the internet while they eat and drink
espresso shop - a cafe where espresso is served
estaminet - a small (and usually shabby) cafe selling wine and beer and coffee
pull-in, pull-up - a roadside cafe especially for lorry drivers
eatery, eating house, eating place, restaurant - a building where people go to eat
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noun snack bar, restaurant, cafeteria, coffee shop, brasserie, coffee bar, tearoom, lunchroom, eatery or eaterie The café also serves delicious lunches.
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مَقْهَىمَقْهى، مَطْعَم صَغير
quán cà phê


A. Ncafé m
B. CPD café society Nla gente de moda
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cafe [ˈkæfeɪ] ncafé m (généralement sans alcool)café bar cafe bar nbar m
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nCafé nt
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[ˈkæfeɪ] ncaffè m inv, bar m inv (senza licenza per alcolici)
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(ˈkӕfei) , ((American) kӕˈfei) noun
a (usually small) shop where meals and (non-alcoholic) drinks are served.
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مَقْهَى kavárna café Café καφετέρια café kahvila café kafić caffè カフェ 카페 café kafé kawiarnia café кафе kafé ร้านกาแฟ kafe quán cà phê 茶馆
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References in classic literature ?
It is about six o'clock on a summer afternoon, I am in Paris, and seated at one of the little marble tables of the Cafe de la Paix, dreamily watching the glittering tide of gay folk passing by,--
When her place upon the floor had been taken by another the bright-eyed Abdul saw her in conversation with two Arabs at the far side of the room, near a side door that let upon an inner court, around the gallery of which were the rooms occupied by the girls who danced in this cafe.
At Bredin's Parisian Cafe and Restaurant in Soho, where Paul worked, there were none of these things; and Paul himself, though he certainly moved swiftly, was by no means noiseless.
My meditations were interrupted by a tremendous noise and conflict in another part of the cafe. I saw above the heads of the seated patrons E.
Just then some masks from outside invaded the cafe, dancing hand in hand in a single file led by a burly man with a cardboard nose.
When not engaged in reading Virgil, Homer, or Mistral, in parks, restaurants, streets, and suchlike public places, he indited sonnets (in French) to the eyes, ears, chin, hair, and other visible perfections of a nymph called Therese, the daughter, honesty compels me to state, of a certain Madame Leonore who kept a small cafe for sailors in one of the narrowest streets of the old town.
Dirk Stroeve agreed to fetch me on the following evening and take me to the cafe at which Strickland was most likely to be found.
"Venice" stares at me from the printed page, and I remember the cafe tables on the sidewalks.
His house stood in a handsome street near the Elysee-- a street which in that strong summer seemed almost as full of foliage as the park itself; a row of chestnuts shattered the sunshine, interrupted only in one place where a large cafe ran out into the street.
Nioche would have had just time to reach the Cafe de la Patrie, round the second corner to the left, at which establishment he regularly spent his afternoons.
But Monsieur Mitral, who knows his ways, says he does all his business between eight o'clock in the morning and midday, and that after that hour he can be found only at a certain cafe called the Cafe Themis,--a singular name."
"And since I have not yet had my coffee, and you have, in all probability, scarcely tasted yours, let us adjourn to the Casino Cafe, where we can sit and smoke and have a talk."