café au lait

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ca·fé au lait

 (kă-fā′ ō lā′)
1. Coffee served with hot milk.
2. A light coffee hue. See Note at beignet.

[French : café, coffee + à, with + lait, milk.]

café au lait

(kafe o lɛ)
1. (Cookery) coffee with milk
2. (Colours)
a. a light brown colour
b. (as modifier): café-au-lait brocade.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: au lait - equal parts of coffee and hot milk
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"
caffè latte
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55 CAFE AU LAIT 2013: TIGER ROLL 10 12, M Quinlan(3) 12-1 (N Hawke), 5 ran.
I have loved eating sugary beignets and drinking cafe au lait at the world famous Cafe du Monde restaurant in the New Orleans French Quarter.
Hotel sales teams eagerly devised such confections as the Fairmont's "French poodle package" (a hotel room comes with croissants, cafe au lait, and a pink plush poodle toy), and K Street restaurant chefs swooned for an excuse to fortify their menus with escargot, filet mignon, and kit royale.
Using the Quad shadows, Lori applied Cafe au Lait on Hilary's lid before highlighting her brow with Gold.
Until now, CoolBrew and the company's iced coffee product called Cafe Au Lait have been exclusive to Louisiana residents.
Lighter brown marks are caused by an excess of the skin's natural tanning pigment, melanin, which can cause marks in cafe au lait colours.
Has anyone told her that Berkeley has the some of the best levain bread and cafe au lait outside of France?
We report the case of a 19-year-old man with neurofibromatosis type 1 who presented for evaluation of odynophagia, left-sided hemiparesis, multiple cafe au lait spots all over his body, and numerous subcutaneous and cutaneous neurofibromas.
From deep espresso brown to shimmering cafe au lait, the range is universally flattering and sophisticated," explains Rick DiCecca, Artistry Global Makeup Artist.
Cafe Au Lait is eyecatching runner for German trainer Christian Von Der Recke in the BHEST Racing To School Juvenile Hurdle at Catterick.
Disco Dave is another to have hit his stride this winter and is the pick in the Ladbrokes Handicap while Cafe Au Lait is an eyecatching runner in the BHEST Racing To School Juvenile Hurdle.
and the imaginative color illustrations portray a girl and mother with skin the color of cafe au lait, making the bedtime story one of diverse appeal.