cafe royale

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: royale - black coffee with Cognac and lemon peel and sugar
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"
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For the players and management, the party continued later that night at the Cafe Royale, where the FA hosted a banquet for representatives of all the home nations.
Marco Orsi, owner of Cafe Royale, said he was concerned about the development taking car park spaces from those visiting shops.
So thank you for bringing back to life your favourite nightclubs, with their eclectic and colourful names, from The Cotton Club in Wrexham to Payne's Cafe Royale in Llandudno, from Brunel's in Rhyl to Rocky's Disco in Trearddur Bay.
WATERSTONES book shop at Blackett Street in Newcastle morphs into Tyneside's very own Cafe Royale come the weekend.
3 Atkins Advantage Ready To Drink Cafe Royale Shake, PS11.94 for 6x325ml, Boots The low carb/high protein drink is designed to help weight control.
3 To Drink Cafe Royale Shake, 6x325ml, Boots The low carb/ high protein drink is designed to help weight control.
Andy Campbell, who has worked as head chef at a number of London's finest fine dining restaurants including Marco Pierre White's Cafe Royale, Anthony Worrell Thompson's Menage a Trois and the French House in London's Soho, will be cooking truffle inspired menus at a variety of locations throughout the month.
Caf Blend is also licensed and serves cocklewarming alcoholic coffees, such as Jamaica Good (dark rum) and Cafe Royale (brandy), which should prove particularly popular during the winter.
Cafe Royale, on Long Street, is so famous for its burgers that even the friendly locals are reluctant to reveal its location.
As Caf Blend has a drinks licence, Sophie is also able to serve some invigorating alco-holic coffees, such as Jamaica Good (dark rum) and Cafe Royale (brandy), which should prove particularly popular in the autumn and winter.
IF you're calling into the Cafe Royale, Holbrooks, you may notice a display of books on offer.
When Elaine attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama she also worked nights in well-known hostelries such as the Grosvenor Hotel in Glasgow and Charlie Parker's and Cafe Royale in Edinburgh.