n. pl. caf·e·to·ri·ums or caf·e·to·ri·a (-tôr′ē-ə)
A large room, usually in an educational institution, that serves both as a cafeteria and as an auditorium.


a room, usually in a school or other educational institution, which serves both as a cafeteria and an auditorium
[C20: blend of café + auditorium]


(ˌkæf ɪˈtɔr i əm, -ˈtoʊr-)

a large room, esp. in a school, that functions both as a cafeteria and an auditorium.
[1950–55; b. cafeteria and auditorium]
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Friday in the cafetorium at Cottage Grove High School.
Their facility was much more intimate and conducive to our programming compared to having it in the enormous school cafetorium.
in Clinton Elementary School's cafetorium, 100 Church St.
Griffin can often be found in the parking lot when students get on and off buses, in the hallways during class changes, and in the cafetorium during lunch periods, visible and accessible for the children's safety.
To save on costs, the boys braided their own guts, a troop project in the Kalaniana'ole School cafetorium, with Mrs.
three classmates laughed right there in the cafetorium.
The school's new 8,000-square-foot open cafetorium (cafeteria and auditorium combination) creates a common gathering space that also simulates a work atmosphere.
That's a far cry from the early days when patrons sat on folding chairs in the Antelope Valley College cafetorium to hear piano duo Ferrante and Teicher in their first Antelope Valley appearance.
eyed my meager attempts in sixth grade to move my arms and legs in time to the music pouring out of the record player in our school's Cafetorium.
it was off to the school's cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium).
It subcontracted with The Rowley Group to furnish all materials and perform all work for modular office, library, classroom, and cafetorium furniture and for basketball goals for $489,555, including change order increases.
Book racks containing staff development materials have been placed in the teachers lounge and cafetorium.