caffeine intoxication

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Noun1.caffeine intoxication - poisoning resulting from excessive intake of caffeine containing products
intoxication, poisoning, toxic condition - the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance
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Caffeine overconsumption and caffeine intoxication have serious health effects, even in moderate doses.
In a 2011 survey of college students (n=300), 83 percent reported having had at least one sign/symptom of caffeine intoxication, 51 percent reported having at least one sign/symptom of caffeine withdrawal, and students consumed three to five times the recommended amount of caffeine (McIlvain et al.
Energy drinks can be drunk quickly, unlike hot coffee, and as a result they are more likely to cause caffeine intoxication.
There are many report rose of caffeine intoxication from ED and it will grow problems with caffeine dependence and withdrawal [6].
Additionally, genetic factors may also contribute to an individual's vulnerability to caffeine related disorders including caffeine intoxication, dependence, and withdrawal (Reissiga, Straina, & Griffiths, 2009).
The latest edition of the manual released last month lists caffeine intoxication and withdrawal among psychiatric disorders.