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Verb1.cage in - confine in a cage; "The animal was caged"
detain, confine - deprive of freedom; take into confinement
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As "the Fighting Wolf" he was known far and wide, and the cage in which he was kept on the steam-boat's deck was usually surrounded by curious men.
Below him he could now see the top of Astok's cage in the parallel shaft, and he reduced the speed of his to that of the other.
It should be noted that the cage in Figure 5 was not found, suggesting that it may have been a plastic cage that was consumed in the fire.
After hearing their sentences, the defendants defiantly flashed the four-finger Rabaa sign synonymous with the Brotherhood's 2013 sit-ins and chanted "down with military rule" from inside a cage in the courtroom.
The same word that was used three decades ago to back the argument that fences were needed in English football grounds to cage in the "animals", so they couldn't invade the pitch with violent intent.
3-4, where he refers to a Cage interview with David Cope, published in The Composer 10/11 [1980]), seeing Cage in this manner risks perceiving the composer primarily as a philosopher--or, as Rebhahn seems to suggest here, as an enabler of experiences, i.
Cage in making some of his last works of visual art at Mountain Lake Workshop in Virginia.