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also ca·gy  (kā′jē)
adj. ca·gi·er, ca·gi·est
1. Wary; careful: a cagey avoidance of a definite answer.
2. Crafty; shrewd: a cagey lawyer.

[Origin unknown.]

ca′gi·ly adv.
ca′gi·ness n.
سريّـه، تكتُّـم
ağzı sıkılık


[ˈkeɪdʒɪnɪs] N [of person, reply] → cautela f


n (inf)Vorsicht f, → Zugeknöpftheit f (inf); (= evasiveness)ausweichende Art


(ˈkeidʒi) adjective
secretive. He's very cagey about his plans.
ˈcaginess noun
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Before any of that came into play, before the game opened up from its initial caginess, Sunderland had donated a goal to Bolton's survival fund.
We've seen in recent seasons and again this season that first-leg caginess no longer works.
Almost despite Mourinho's instinctive caginess, the United of this season feels different and few are more cavalier than Rashford and Martial.
I was actually going to ask if her partner was a man or a woman, though only because of her caginess.
Hard to say -- but there is an undoubted caginess to Andriana, all the more striking since she's so obviously smart and articulate.
There was no caginess - they tore at each other right from the off.
I still think there is an element of caginess about it.
Eventually, while she's working at her menial job, Vivian meets a dashing man and overlooks his caginess long enough to marry him.
the Courts caginess and reluctance to extend section 35 to include this
The caginess that accompanies his sharing of information arouses suspicion in readers and so, too, does his deliberate inversion of the linear time sequence that he must have experienced.
As he hunched over the table in four layers of winter clothing, Nichols indulged in the caginess that had once seduced a small army of conservative journalists seeking dirt on the Clintons-the lurching, twangy, conspiratorial tones of someone with a secret he wasn't sure how to spill.
That perhaps explained a bit of caginess in the first half, but in the second there was a bit more to it.