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also ca·gy  (kā′jē)
adj. ca·gi·er, ca·gi·est
1. Wary; careful: a cagey avoidance of a definite answer.
2. Crafty; shrewd: a cagey lawyer.

[Origin unknown.]

ca′gi·ly adv.
ca′gi·ness n.
سريّـه، تكتُّـم
ağzı sıkılık


[ˈkeɪdʒɪnɪs] N [of person, reply] → cautela f


n (inf)Vorsicht f, → Zugeknöpftheit f (inf); (= evasiveness)ausweichende Art


(ˈkeidʒi) adjective
secretive. He's very cagey about his plans.
ˈcaginess noun
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For 58 minutes, though, we had chiefly witnessed a Guantanamo standard of caginess and when City finally applied the skeleton key, they needed luck.
Scattered stories are mentioning his intermittent tweets which prove that he is following the Egyptian mediascape and attending to the recent political upheaval, alas, with caginess and incomprehensible nonchalance.
That perhaps explained a bit of caginess in the first half, but in the second there was a bit more to it.
Marilyn finally discovers the reasons for John's caginess about the wedding guests.
Issues of deafness, caginess, crankiness and/or ego might have been anticipated, but the evening is "a huge success," both poets being "entirely at ease together from the start.
There's less caginess when it comes to discussing who represents the main competition.
For a data-addict the likes of Yarmo, such caginess had the opposite of the desired effect and he had noticed a curious lack of the usual documentational intensity with respect to Elvis, like an artistically rendered black and white photograph, a gauziness that the photographer had purposely built into the composition.
Poyet made an exception to his normal caginess regarding team selection by confirming Adam Johnson will start.
Richards, who devotes a fair chunk of his autobiography to his love of card games, said: "There was a little bit of caginess going on - not wanting to show each other what we have really got "I think we probably showed Bath a little more than they showed us, but I am not really too bothered about that.
While suggesting that the caginess from some solicitors may be due to the lack of proper definition of the law on proportionate costs, Rowles-Davies insisted that the changes were a positive step for the litigation procedure.
All the while there was a caginess to Johansson's physical performance and tone, as her eyes watched -- yes, catlike -- every movement of the sullenly alcoholic Brick (played by Benjamin Walker).