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a business partnership



n. Idioms:
in cahoots, in partnership or conspiracy: in cahoots with the mob.
[1820–30, Amer.]
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Noun1.cahoot - collusion; "in cahoots with"
connivance, collusion - agreement on a secret plot
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5 per cent is also available from Cahoot and M&S Bank but is just pipped by Zopa at 4.
Meanwhile Cahoot, the online arm of Abbey, has a two-year fixed rate bond paying a competitive 4.
SHOP worker Gary Robinson has opened a current account with online bank Cahoot.
The three banks, The Bank of Scotland, First Direct and Cahoot, have confirmed that they are working to resolve the problems and said the security risk is slight.
The redundancies have been announced by Cahoot, based at Friars House, in Manor House Drive, near Coventry train station, part of the Abbey National Group.
Just over half said they overshoot their pay in some months, while 8 per cent admitted they spend more than they have coming in every month, according to internet bank cahoot.
Cahoot, Abbey's online bank, had a major security breach recently, enabling customers to see each other's online banking information, including customer account information.
Then after seeing recent reports about problems with the Cahoot website I tried to see if the loophole still worked on the Morgan Stanley site and I was shocked when it did.
A report by internet bank Cahoot found that 27% of Brits admitted that even a small increase in their spending, such as a rise in interest rates or even paying for a holiday, would cause real financial strain.
A survey carried out by internet bank cahoot found that the value of luggage does not vary significantly for either a city break or longer holiday and so we should make sure we are properly covered regardless of the duration of our trip.
Young people in Britain spend around pounds 16bn a year on clothes, according to a survey by cahoot.
Three out of 10 Britons admit they have wasted money while abroad on items they wish they had never bought, spending an average of pounds 21 each, according to online bank Cahoot.