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A Brazilian cocktail typically made of cachaca, crushed limes, and sugar.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from diminutive of caipira, bumpkin, hick, perhaps from alteration (influenced by curupira, a kind of demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness in Tupí myth and Brazilian folklore) of caipora, demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness somewhat similar to the curupira, from Tupí kaapora : kaa, scrubland + -pora, inhabitant.]
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INDULGE in the national cocktail of Brazil, the Caipirinha, made with ice, sugar, lime and cachaca, a potent sugar cane liquor, the best of which is made in Minas Gerais state.
We lingered long into the night, occasionally refreshing our plates and constantly refreshing our palettes with caipirinhas.
The Caipirinhas, with their own Magnifica cachaca, were ice cooling but with a hefty 7-1 in the semi finals kick.
Caipirinhas offer a cool taste of the fruit infused Brazilian culinary culture
Caipirinha, one of the many drinks made with cachaca (pronounced ka-sha-SA), or Brazilian firewater.
The carnival-themed evening will have guests indulging in Brazilian tapas and caipirinha cocktails.
Fazenda Mae de Ouro Cachaca can be enjoyed on its own or as an ingredient in cocktails such as the Caipirinha. Mae de Ouro is the only estate bottled cachaca cutrently available in the U.S.
And after a few caipirinha cocktails she will be showing off her moves at the Guanabar, a Brazilian dance venue in Holborn, London.
Also customary, is the serving of a Caipirinha as an appetiser before a meal and Bem Brasil''s buzzing cocktail bars have no less than 10 variations on offer.
"There's strong interest in South America, with the Caipirinha and the Pisco Sour coming on the heels of the Mojito," says Dale DeGroff, the New York-based cocktail authority and consultant.
Brazilian chefs have been recruited to produce Brazilian tapas while the Brahma beers and caipirinha cocktails will be keeping it sunny on the drinks front.
The Caipirinha, a cocktail made with cachaca, sugar and muddled limes, seems to be helping cachacas hit their stride.