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A Brazilian cocktail typically made of cachaca, crushed limes, and sugar.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from diminutive of caipira, bumpkin, hick, perhaps from alteration (influenced by curupira, a kind of demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness in Tupí myth and Brazilian folklore) of caipora, demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness somewhat similar to the curupira, from Tupí kaapora : kaa, scrubland + -pora, inhabitant.]
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Summary: On a mild Friday evening, guests arriving at a terrace overlooking the bay were welcomed by the cawing of parakeets, lovebirds and parrots, and plied with trays of caipirinhas as the band played bossa nova in front of Rio de Janeiro's Sugarloaf Mountain.
The bar has an extensive cocktail list including the Mexican and South American classics - margaritas, caipirinhas and pisco sours - alongside beers and wines.
They also pay attention to detail when it comes to the typical cocktails such as mojitos and caipirinhas.
An integral part of its identity is its extensive cocktail offer, which boasts a variety of classic South American serves, such as mojitos, caipirinhas and margaritas.
Here are six cocktails to try while Team GB goes for gold: Passion Fruit and Chilli Batida at Viva Brazil Similar to a Caipirinha, which mixes Cachaca, lime and sugar, Batidas are not as well known, but a good option if you find Caipirinhas too sharp.
amp; one morning everyone will leave their apartments wearing International Klein Blue & every street will be lined with tiny round cocktail tables & inside the bartenders will hammer giant blocks of ice with wooden mallets for caipirinhas.
The signature Caipirinhas is made with its own Cachaca, sourced and distilled near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
And Norwegian Cruise Lines will be offering passengers Brazilian flash-mob dancing and caipirinhas at cocktail hour.
There are many considerations, of course, and they are not all about climate, cuisine or caipirinhas.
Head to the gay strip, Rua Frei Caned, to shop, people-watch and kick back with cool caipirinhas or beer from Colorado, a local microbrewery.
Bar tenders served up plenty of Caipirinhas, traditional Brazilian cocktails served with sugar cane rum, helping the party get into the full carnival swing.