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1. A long narrow rowboat traditionally used on the Bosporus.
2. A small sailing vessel used in the eastern Mediterranean.

[French, from Italian caicco, from Ottoman Turkish qayıq (equivalent to modern Turkish kayık); akin to Old Turkic qayğuq, from qaymaq, to slide.]


1. (Nautical Terms) a long narrow light rowing skiff used on the Bosporus
2. (Nautical Terms) a sailing vessel of the E Mediterranean with a sprit mainsail, square topsail, and two or more jibs or other sails
[C17: from French, from Italian caicco, from Turkish kayik]


or ca•ique


1. a long rowboat used on the Bosporus.
2. an E Mediterranean single-masted sailing vessel.
[1615–25; < French < Italian caicco < Turkish kayIk]
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The third case, an 18-month-old female black-headed caique (Pionites melanocephala), was presented with a 1-day history of lethargy and depression.
7) Qinyan is a caique, based on the shared meaning of the Arabic root m-l-k and the Hebrew q-n-y, "to possess.
62) In the substantive form that Gasprinskiy used, ziyali was probably a caique of the French illumine (enlightened), (63) and its choice--as opposed to a direct translation of the Russian intelligent or French intellectuel, both from the Latin intellegere (to understand)--brings the positive connotations of the light metaphor in Islamic tradition to the Muslim intelligentsia's claim for a leadership role among Russia's Muslims.
The best rowers among the Chief Gardeners were appointed as rowers on the Imperial Caique.
The interpretation of the sonnet as the self-conscious echoing of Cavalcanti's love poetry is intriguing, and Martinez successfully identifies a caique of stilnovistic language in the sonnet.
A loan translation is a caique par excellence', it is a word or a multi-word unit which translates a SL unit into a RL one, i.
Thus, Urquhart's expedient of providing a simple caique, along with his other exuberant word-coining, is understandable but it is imprudent to draw the conclusion that jynge ever--before or after--had widespread currency as an English term for a love philter or charm.
My family followed this advice and although it was very dangerous, they decided to abandon everything in Crete and travel to Athens, embarking on a small caique carrying carobs.
For Families Greece is best explored from the water - and Explore's Family Caique cruise will take you into the hidden coves of the Aegean with eight cabins, all en su su su suit it it it ite.
One of the first poems by Farmelant that I translated bears the urban tide "Skyscraper"--in Hebrew "gored shechakim," literally "one who scratches the skies," a Hebrew caique of the English skyscraper.
II est avere qu'avant la signature du traite de Paris de 1763 (11), la Nouvelle-France <<connaissait un Systeme judiciaire caique sur celui de la France [note omise]>> (12) (A).
Oscar the black-headed Caique parrot was stolen from Notcutts Garden Centre in Stratford Road in Solihull during the early hours of Saturday, August 2.