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O'Dowd's large Cairngorm brooch and superb Irish diamonds, and wouldn't believe that they were not from Golconda direct.
O'Dowd's was not the least splendid amongst these, and she had a curl on her forehead, and a set of Irish diamonds and Cairngorms, which outshone all the decorations in the house, in her notion.
And then he led away the talk to their home in Devonshire, and the red, bright earth, and the deep green combes, and the peat streams like cairngorm pebbles, and the wild moor with its high, cloudy tors for a giant background to the picture, till Tom got jealous, and stood up for the clear chalk streams, and the emerald water meadows and great elms and willows of the dear old royal county, as he gloried to call it.
In each of the sisters there was one trait of the mother--and only one; the thin and pallid elder daughter had her parent's Cairngorm eye: the blooming and luxuriant younger girl had her contour of jaw and chin--perhaps a little softened, but still imparting an indescribable hardness to the countenance otherwise so voluptuous and buxom.
The auditor general's sevenpage Section 22 report highlighted some of the financial implications for HIE of the crisis at Cairngorm ski centre.
The posh publication claimed the 4411ft-high peak is in the Cairngorm National Park, instead of the Grampian Mountains about 50 miles away.
The team also looks at the Cairngorm Mountains through the eyes of one their most famous literary residents, Nan Shepherd, who brought the area to life in her book, The Living Mountain.
The climbers had reportedly left their map in the car when they started their ascent from the Cairngorm ski centre, in the Scottish Highlands.
The party from Merseyside set off from the Cairngorm ski centre by Aviemore but could not find their way back after reaching the plateau due to the blizzard conditions.
NEIL MCGILL, BDO's head of M&A advisory practice in Scotland, has joined Cairngorm Capital Partners as investment director.
"We remain indebted to the commitment shown by volunteers from Braemar, Aberdeen and Cairngorm Mountain Rescue teams as well as the Search and Rescue Dogs Association and air support from the Coastguard.