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Place on a cake rack and place in an oven at 100degC for 90 minutes.
Leave in the tin for 5mins before transferring to a cake rack.
Transfer ice cream balls to a wire cake rack placed over a separate lined baking tray.
wok with a domed lid and steamer rack or a round cake rack
Instead, put pots on wee feet stoppers or a wire cake rack just above the damp surface.
To assemble spiders, place mini cakes upside down on a cake rack or wax paper and Glaze (by pouring and spreading glaze over them).
Carefully remove the chips from the water, leave to cool on a wire cake rack, then cool and chill in the fridge.
Remove each madeleine to a wire cake rack, top side down and sprinkle with sifted powdered sugar.
When you're ready to cook your potatoes, take the lamb out of the tray, lay your pre-boiled potatoes in the roasting tray and put the leg of lamb on a cake rack over the top of the potatoes.
Drain off excess syrup; set fruit on prepared baking sheet or cake rack.
Cool tart shell on a wire cake rack while you make filling.