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1. A sweet baked food made of flour, liquid, eggs, and other ingredients, such as raising agents and flavorings.
2. A flat rounded mass of dough or batter, such as a pancake, that is baked or fried.
3. A flat rounded mass of hashed or chopped food that is baked or fried; a patty.
4. A shaped or molded piece, as of soap or ice.
5. A layer or deposit of compacted matter: a cake of grime in the oven.
v. caked, cak·ing, cakes
To cover or fill with a thick layer, as of compacted matter: a miner whose face was caked with soot.
To become formed into a compact or crusty mass: As temperatures dropped, the wet snow caked.

[Middle English, from Old Norse kaka.]


[ˈkeɪkt] adj
caked with [+ mud, blood, dirt] → couvert(e) decake mix npréparation f pour gâteauxcake pan n (US) (= cake tin) → moule m à gâteaucake shop npâtisserie fcake tin n
(for storing)boîte f à gâteaux
(British) (for baking)moule m à gâteau
References in classic literature ?
Here and there the grease and filth have caked solid, and the creek looks like a bed of lava; chickens walk about on it, feeding, and many times an unwary stranger has started to stroll across, and vanished temporarily.
Poor devils, many of them were maimed, hacked, carved, in a frightful way; and their hair, their faces, their clothing, were caked with black and stiffened drenchings of blood.
As the barkeeper climbed along up, bowing and smiling to everybody, and at last got to the platform, these tents were jerked up aloft all of a sudden, and we saw four noble thrones of gold, all caked with jewels, and in the two middle ones sat old white-whiskered men, and in the two others a couple of the most glorious and gaudy giants, with platter halos and beautiful armor.