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or cak•y

(ˈkeɪ ki)
adj. cak•i•er, cak•i•est.
caked or tending to cake.
cak′i•ness, n.
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, caky
adjklumpend; (= lumpy)klumpig
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It can look very obvious and cakey (even when it's blended well) when in close proximity to others in a work or college environment.
Adding too much primer will make your face feel cakey.
It can look a little cakey if you over-spray, but this formula was great for us.'
After packing everyone into the car, we whizzed off down the A71 to find one of my favourite attractions, where modern art meets wonderful green spaces - and lovers of firm, cakey treats can also indulge their sweet tooth.
"Using an overly textured concealer will appear cakey and only enhance fine lines.
Plus, I normally don't like how cakey concealer can get, especially under the eyes, and how grayish it can appear as the day goes on.
"We were inspired by the fact that we could not find any good brownies anywhere around, all the places had either packaged brownies or 'cakey' brownies.
With age it is important that people ease up when using foundation so as to not look 'cakey' and so the natural skin tone remains visible.
"Makeup artists always ask me if I moisturized, drank water or put on sunblock before putting makeup on because if you did not do those three things, then the makeup usually becomes cakey," Sarah shared.
Shoppers can also buy two other cakey characters, including Debra the Zebra and Nancy the Narwhal (both [pounds sterling]10 each).
"A professional will be able to accentuate your best features and create that flawless look without the makeup appearing too heavy or cakey," said celebrity beautician Lesley Reynolds.