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Plural of calamus.
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Piu problematica, invece, ci pare la scelta di non emendare i casi di lapsus calami quali "lo stessa Antibrandana" per "la stessa Antibrandana", "ferme" per "ferme" ecc.
However, these generalizations of mine at the expense of amor calami are almost always a necessity that leads directly to smaller or bigger mistakes.
The poet's brief mention of Linus at Ed 4.56-7--to claim that his own carmina could surpass even those of Orpheus and Linus--anticipates Linus's starring role in Eclogue 6, where he is entrusted with the privilege of passing down to Gallus the calami of Hesiod.
(1994)--, Akodon nucus figura para Tierra del Fuego (seguramente un lapsus calami), Calomys musculinus faltan en Santa Cruz y Chubut (donde se conocen desde hace decadas, vease Massoia y Fornes, 1965), Notiomys figura como probable para Chubut (pero fue documentado explicitamente para esa provincia, vease Pardinas y Galliari, 1998), falta Euneomys chinchilloides en Tierra del Fuego (!que es su localidad tipica!) y otros detalles.