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Any of several plants in the mint family, especially in the genera Calamintha and Clinopodium, having aromatic foliage and clusters of pink, lilac, or white flowers.

[Middle English calaminte, from Old French calamente, from Medieval Latin calamentum, from Latin calaminthē, from Greek kalaminthē.]
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(Plants) any aromatic Eurasian plant of the genus Satureja (or Calamintha), having clusters of purple or pink flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
[C14: from Old French calament (but influenced by English mint1), from Medieval Latin calamentum, from Greek kalaminthē]
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(ˈkæl ə mɪnt)

any of several aromatic plants of the genera Calamintha and Satureja, of the mint family, having drooping flower clusters.
[1225–75; alter. (by association with mint2) of Middle English calament < Medieval Latin calamentum, Latin calamintha < Greek kalamínthē]
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Noun1.calamint - perennial aromatic herbs growing in hedgerows or scrub or open woodlands from western Europe to central Asia and in North Americacalamint - perennial aromatic herbs growing in hedgerows or scrub or open woodlands from western Europe to central Asia and in North America
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
Calamintha sylvatica, common calamint, Satureja calamintha officinalis - mint-scented perennial of central and southern Europe
Calamintha grandiflora, Clinopodium grandiflorum, large-flowered calamint, Satureja grandiflora - aromatic herb with large pink flowers; southern and southeastern Europe; Anatolia; northern Iran
Calamintha nepeta, Calamintha nepeta glantulosa, lesser calamint, Satureja calamintha glandulosa, Satureja nepeta, field balm - low-growing strongly aromatic perennial herb of southern Europe to Great Britain; naturalized in United States
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Nine taxa received "excellent" ratings for their overall performance and survivability, including Pussytoes, calamints, Green Sargent Juniper, three types of phlox (Apple Blossom, Emerald Blue, and Snowflake), a fragrant sumac called Gro-Low, and two varieties of prairie dropseed.