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1. A small evergreen citrus tree (Citrofortunella ×mitis), widely cultivated as a houseplant for its glossy foliage and ornamental fruits.
2. The sour fruit of this plant, resembling a small tangerine and sometimes used as a flavoring or for beverages, sauces, or marmalades.

[Kapampangan (Malayo-Polynesian language of Luzon) kalamunding.]


(ˈkæləˌmʌndɪn) or

calamondin orange

1. (Plants) a small citrus tree, Citrus mitis, of the Philippines
2. (Plants) the acid-tasting fruit of this tree, resembling a small orange
[from Tagalog kalamunding]


(ˈkæl əˌmʌn dən)

1. a small citrus tree, Citrofortunella mitis, of the Philippines.
2. the small, tart, tangerinelike fruit of this tree.
[1925–35; < Tagalog kalamunding]
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Dwarf fruit varieties, such as the calamondin orange, Tahitian orange, tangerine, kumquat, Meyer lemon and Kaffir lime are the best choices for growing indoors.
Calamondin, Kaffir and Persian are all types of what?
Here the scent of dayap calamondin and orange blossoms leads you to a pavilion in a garden, a cluster of Thai cabanas by the pool-or you may stay indoor in a sunken tub luxuriating in a bath of milk (blend of gatas and gata).
Calamondin, 'Gold Nugget' seedless mandarin, 'Rangpur' sour acid mandarin
Ponderosa lemon 10 1 Citrus limonia Osbeck Rangpur lime 1 0 Citrus microcarpa Bunge Calamondin 1 0 Citrus nobilis Loureira Temple 2 0 Citrus paradisi Grapefruit 57 6 MacFadyen Citrus reticulata Blanco Tangerine 34 2 Citrus reticulata x C.
Serve with: sliced apple, trout roe, creamed horseradish, and preserved calamondin.
Darryl Francis (76-91) found five words longer than Ganymede, my longest excluding the nonce alakazarca: four 10s (alkylamine, calamondin, cascarilla, Nectarinia) and one 12 (cacogalactia).
These include blood oranges and Meyer lemons, as well as pumelos, calamansi/ calamondin, Cara Cara oranges and finger limes.
When he comes to visit her, the representation of her sexual desire is interwoven with descriptions of the lush Floridian landscape and the ripeness of calamondin fruit that she picks, evoking the parallel between the body of the earth and Sally's own body (218).
Chapter Six, The Bountiful Harvest, discusses actual recipes using fruits of bonsai gardening, such as limequat or calamondin marmalade, Salmon Citrus Cheese Ball, plus added forays into the art of winemaking.
Give your space an instant makeover with established plants ranging from Lavender to Lemon, Kumquat, Calamondin, Olive, Chinotto and Rosemary.