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Variant of calash.


(French kalɛʃ)
a variant of calash



1. Also, calèche. a light two- or four-wheeled vehicle pulled by one or two horses, seating two to four passengers, and often having a folding top.
2. a folding top of a carriage.
3. a hood worn by women in the 18th century.
[1660–70; < French calèche < German Kalesche < Czech kolesa carriage, literally, wheels]
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Noun1.calèche - a woman's large folded hooped hoodcaleche - a woman's large folded hooped hood; worn in the 18th century
hood - a headdress that protects the head and face
2.caleche - the folding hood of a horse-drawn carriage
shay, chaise - a carriage consisting of two wheels and a calash top; drawn by a single horse
hood - the folding roof of a carriage
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of the Turkish Army forces and the Ankara-backed militants have been killed and several more wounded in calashes with the Kurdish fighters in Northern Aleppo amid intensifying tensions among, Damascus, Ankara and the Kurds in the town of Afrin, fields sources said on Saturday.
In the same context, other confrontations arose in Jenin Camp when the Israeli forces blockaded two houses, in the midst of gunfire and teargas bombs, as well as calashes after storming Alsaila Alharthia village.
Here one could find out not only details about the roads and transportation means in the Carpathian area (the calashes used by boyars) or the traditional costumes, but also information, scarce, sketchy and uncertain as they were at that time, about Vlad Dracul (Dracula), "voivode of Wallachia," and his battles against the Turks.