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Any of various tropical American evergreen plants of the genus Calathea, popular as houseplants for their attractively marked leaves.

[New Latin Calathea, genus name, from Latin calathus, basket; see calathus.]


(Plants) any plant of the S. American perennial genus Calathea, many species of which are grown as greenhouse or house plants for their decorative variegated leaves, esp the zebra plant (C. zebrina), the leaves of which are purplish below and dark green with lighter stripes above: family Marantaceae
[New Latin, from Greek kalathos a basket]
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Tian Y, Sun X, Li S, Wang H, Wang L, Cao J, Zhang L (2012) Biochar made from green waste as a peat substitute in growth media for Calathea rotundifola cv.
One of the nests in San Pedro was located within a dense Calathea (Marantaceae) patch and the other was located inside a bamboo patch.
This pollination shift may be responsible for the radiation of American species, especially of the genus Calathea that contains around 300 species (Kennedy, 2000).
There are a number of different Calathea varieties, however for the most part they all require similar care.
Samples collection: Some typical plant leaves in hearty growing period were chosed such as Bambusa phyllostachys pubescens, Nelumbo nucifera aertn, Ginkgobiloba Linn, Syringa oblate Linn(Var giraldii), Canna indica Linn(generalis), Calathea zebrine'Humilior', Begonia masoniana, Callistephus chinensis.
Red orchids, Dutch calla lily, variegated lily grass and calathea are arranged in a glass container.
Drifts of Calla Lilies among Giant Elephant Ears, Red Ginger, Rabbit Foot Ferns and Zebra Calathea are some of the plant life guests will discover.
He begins with the particulars of the "Broad-ribbed leaves of the calathea plant" on someone's window sill, broadens his scope to include "teenage boys leaping for rebounds / on playgrounds, their hourglass sleekness / glistening like the shards of the forty-ounces / littering the court" shifts his gaze to the "girls watching from windows as they care for the children / of older sisters," and situates this human activity in the city of General Motors, dominated by "American engines / turning in a summertime traffic jam, white clouds / from factories as if shift whistles sent them forth:' These poems are firmly grounded in time and place, one that is as alienating to its human inhabitants as it is unbeautiful.
The calathea makoyana or peacock plant is grown for its exquisite foliage.
com# USED properly, Osmogro claims it will help water most common and popular flowering and foliage houseplants including african violets or saintpaulias, azalea, begonia, gerbera, calathea, chrysanthemum, cyclamen, cineraria, euonymus, euphorbia, ferns, fuchsia, impatiens, geraniums, hibiscus, hydrangea, ivy (hedera), jasmine, kalanchoe, plumbago, poinsettia, primula and kitchen herbs like basil, rosemary, parsley, coriander and even indoor tomato plants.
Calathea crocata Orange flowers lift spirits and the calathea humidifies - relieving dry eyes.
Houseplants: arrowhead vine (Syngonium); bloodleaf (Iresine), bromeliads, especially billbergia, neoregelia, and vriesea; calathea (peacock plant, zebra plant); cordyline; ctenanthe; and maranta (arrowroot, prayer plant, rabbit's foot).