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 (kăl-kā′nē-əs) also cal·ca·ne·um (-nē-əm)
n. pl. cal·ca·ne·i (-nē-ī′) also cal·ca·ne·a (-nē-ə)
The quadrangular bone at the back of the tarsus. Also called heel bone.

[Late Latin calcāneus, heel, from Latin calcāneum, from calx, calc-.]

cal·ca′ne·al adj.
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Adj.1.calcaneal - relating to the heel bone or heel
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, calcanean
a. calcáneo-a, rel. al calcáneo;
___ bonehueso calcáneo;
___ fracturefractura calcánea.
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If you have a calcaneal stress fracture, treat it with rest, ice, a heel pad, and over-the-counter pain relievers.
Plantar fascia is a strong aponeurosis located at the base of the foot, starting from the anterior edge of the medial calcaneal tubercle and extending to the metatarsophalangeal joint.
During daily practice, she has noted the existence of several situations where newborns were exposed to painful procedures, such as: venous, arterial and calcaneal punctures; intubation and tracheal aspiration; catheterizations and probing; electrodes and adhesive plaster removal; exchange of bandages; sensors pressing body parts; tight diaper; sudden changes of decubitus, excessive handling, among others.
Calcaneal ultrasonometry in patients with Charcot osteoarthropathy and its relationship with densitometry in the lumbar spine and femoral neck and with markers of bone turnover.
5 By what common name is the calcaneal tendon, the thickest and strongest in the human body, known?
The presence of calcaneal duplication, as was seen in our first case, is rare.
Types and Morphometric Study of Calcaneal Articular Facets on Human Tali of Thai Population
Various soft tissue, osseous and systemic disorders can cause heel pain such as Achilles tendonitis, fat pad trophy, heel contusion, plantar fascia rupture, tarsal tunnel syndrome, abductor digiti quinti nerve entrapment, Sever's disease, calcaneal stress fracture, osteomyelitis etc.
Frequency of osteoporosis in an ambulatory setting in Lahore using quantitative calcaneal ultrasound.
Twenty four fresh specimens of Achilles tendon with its insertion of the calcaneal tuberosity were chosen for this study (Provided by Ningbo University, School of medicine).