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cal·car 1

n. pl. cal·car·i·a (kăl-kâr′ē-ə)
A spur or spurlike projection, such as one found on the base of a petal or on the wing or leg of a bird.

[Latin, spur, from calx, calc-, heel.]

cal·car 2

A furnace formerly used in glassmaking for calcination of materials into frit.

[Italian calcara, from Late Latin calcāria (fornāx), lime(-kiln), from Latin, feminine of calcārius, of lime; see calcareous.]
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n, pl calcaria (kælˈkɛərɪə)
(Biology) a spur or spurlike process, as on the leg of a bird or the corolla of a flower
[C19: from Latin, from calx heel]
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(ˈkæl kɑr)

n., pl. cal•car•i•a (kælˈkɛər i ə)
a spur or spurlike process.
[< Latin: spur]
cal′ca•rate`, adj.
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De esta seccion, "Vaivenes de un escritor" me parece relevante por calcar con sinceridad y conviccion la incomodidad en la voz de tantos creadores de la palabra que son ninguneados, estafados y hasta explotados.
Calcar length###4.2+-0.99###4.03+-0.22###4.24+-1.11###3.25+-0.51###6.60+-1.33
This technique was original placement of 3 screws in 2 different planes, this technique caters the entry of 2 implants in the solid cortex of the proximal femoral diaphysis, which is more distally, and also relies on the strong neck of femur's calcar. They achieved 2 points of support by this technique.
Posteriormente, se realizo una osteotomia subcapital para preservar el area del calcar, zona extremadamente solida, correspondiente a la cortical inferior del cuello femoral que forma <<el espolon o espina cervical inferior de Merkel, tambien denominado de Adams o simplemente calcar>> (San Martin & Velutini Kochen, 2011).
"They've been financially a very viable company over the last decades that they've been in business, and they bring to our market-sector mix a whole different clientele, which I think adds stability to both companies as the economy ebbs and flows," said Dan Van Calcar, managing principal at Soderstrom.
The Leinbach hip prosthesis performed for hip fractures with impairment of femoral calcar. Acta Orthop Traumatol Turc 1998; 32: 116-9.
A obra em exame tambem expoe uma nitida distincao de classes sociais na sociedade da epoca, evidenciando a dualidade de um mesmo campeonato em que participavam times com criancas de familias de alto poder aquisitivo, e equipes com garotos que nao dispunham sequer de chuteiras para calcar os pes.
Modular calcar replacement prosthesis with strengthened taper junction in total hip arthroplasty.
Early designs also included a proximal bend that extended past the calcar region, placing stress in the subtrochanteric region.
The primary structural support to this area is the femorale calcar which is a posteromedial structure that begins just distal to the lesser trochanter and travels proximal to support the posteroinferior femoral neck.
BUN was nonsignificantly lower for DM1 and DM3 compared to DM2 and DM4, which potentially could suggest a more efficient utilization of GMP compared to AA, as found by van Calcar et al.