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Of, forming, or containing calcium or calcium carbonate.
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(Chemistry) forming or producing salts of calcium, esp calcium carbonate
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(kælˈsɪf ər əs)

1. forming salts of calcium, esp. calcium carbonate.
2. containing calcium carbonate.
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Adj.1.calciferous - bearing or producing or containing calcium or calcium carbonate or calcite
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(2017) also recorded increase in calcium with time and attributed it as earthworms' catabolic activity on carbonic anhydrase which are found in calciferous glands of worms in the presence of maize as a substrate.
in calciferous soils of Gotland) the calcite temper itself left in the pores was documented (Lofstrand 1974, 121; Hulthen 1977, 144; Larsson 2009, 228).
Exposure of calciferous layers by tillage to erosive forces was also attributed to such losses.
Some taphonomic dissolution was present on the right side of the cranium (Sorg and Haglund 1996) with corresponding calciferous buildup on the left zygomatic bone likely due to hydrologic activity (see Aufderheide and Rodriguez-Martin 1998; Pokines and Higgs 2015), but this did not affect the analysis of this individual.
It is associated with increased calcium and decreased potassium excretion, the higher excretion of calcium in alkaline urine tends to form calciferous stones with phosphates.
In an area of about 100 hectares, the water in an unpolluted, slightly calciferous seep surfaces from the nearby forest into a badly drained depression, providing an extraordinary abiotic base for the development of incredible species richness.
The soils of the Apodi Plateau are classified as Haplic Cambisols (EMBRAPA, 1999) and have, as the parent material, residues of the decomposition of calcareous rock and the calciferous sandstone from the Jandaira Formation.
These number in the dozens in all species, with excretory and calciferous tubules as described in Savage (1962).
Similar data, enlarged with added information on calciferous glands, were restated by Michaelsen (1918).