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Noun1.calcium-channel blocker - any of a class of drugs that block the flow of the electrolyte calcium (either in nerve cell conduction or smooth muscle contraction of the heart); has been used in the treatment of angina or arrhythmia or hypertension or migraine
Cardizem, diltiazem - a calcium blocker (trade name Cardizem) used in treating hypertension or angina or heart failure
medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine - (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
nifedipine, Procardia - calcium blocker (trade name Procardia); appears to increase the risk of recurrent heart attacks
Calan, Isoptin, verapamil - a drug (trade names Calan and Isoptin) used as an oral or parenteral calcium blocker in cases of hypertension or congestive heart failure or angina or migraine
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A large, international research team now reports discouraging results with another calcium-channel blocker, called lidoflazine.
In that clinical trial, researchers compared four types of medications for treating high blood pressure: an alpha-blocker, an ACE inhibitor, a calcium-channel blocker and a diuretic.
Cardene(R) IV is a calcium-channel blocker indicated for treating hypertension, a major health problem afflicting over 50 million Americans.
The Verapamil gel, a calcium-channel blocker compound, is applied topically to the affected area twice daily.
Lercanidipine is an oral calcium-channel blocker for hypertension, and is marketed by Recordati under the brand name of Zanidip(R).
The latter study finds a calcium-channel blocker called isradipine may cause cardiovascular problems.
This study was conducted among Ontarians 66 years and older who were treated with a calcium-channel blocker (drugs often used to treat high blood pressure) between 1994 and 2009.
Also of note was a trend towards lower calcium-channel blocker and nitrate usage in the treated groups.
The first study tested the diuretic chlorthalidone against the ACE inhibitor lisinopril and amlodipine, a calcium-channel blocker.

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