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1. Determined by mathematical calculation.
2. Undertaken after careful estimation of the likely outcome: a calculated risk.
3. Made or planned to accomplish a certain purpose; deliberate: calculated modesty.
4. Likely; apt.

cal′cu·lat′ed·ly adv.


in a calculated manner
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When, however, you deliberately, calculatedly and, as the legal term has it, "with malice aforethought" plunge your plane into the mountains, killing not just yourself but 149 other souls along with you, that's murder - mass murder, to be exact.
September; then, almost calculatedly overshadowed by Douglas Carswell's more dramatic UKIP defection, he confided to his Facebook page that he too, though for no reason apparently worth mentioning, would be stepping down.
Judges calculatedly playing with performers' lives; a crowd getting too wound up for what, after all, is just a talent show; Louis Walsh being, well, Louis Walsh.
To my mind the excesses committed by Hugh Scott and Nelson Rockefeller in branding the patriotic members of the John Birch Society as comparable to the Commies, the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klanners was a moral sin, deliberately and calculatedly committed," Goldwater wrote in his 1979 memoir, With No Apologies.
The Discredited Board calculatedly waited until shareholders (including Mr.
Should Canada not withdraw and cease all imposed legislation on First Nations without our free, prior and informed consent, we will strategically and calculatedly begin the economic shut-down of Canada's economy from coast-to-coast.
Denzel Washington stars as a paralysed forensics expert relying on rookie cop Angelina Jolie in a calculatedly nasty serial-killer case.
It annoys them that the Canadiens are artfully antagonistic, deliberately deceitful and calculatedly cunning, a team that goads, prods, dives, and flops all in the name of drawing penalties and erasing their opponent's composure.
There's been so massive and calculatedly aggressive an attack on the contemporary societies of the Arab and Muslim for their backwardness, lack of democracy, and abrogation of women's rights that we simply forget that such notions as modernity, enlightenment, and democracy are by no means simple, and agreed-upon concepts that one either does or does not find like Easter eggs in the living-room.
The Quran states: We did not create the sky and the earth and whatever is between them for play (Quran 21:16); The sun and the moon are [disposed] calculatedly (Quran 55:5); Indeed in the alternation of night and day, and whatever Allah has created in the heavens and the earth, there are surely signs for a people who are Godwary (Quran 10:6); Even more significantly, God considers all living things to be similar to humans; There is no animal on land, nor a bird that flies with its wings, but they are communities like yourselves (Quran 6:38).
This does not at all mean that the novel is cynical, or calculatedly constructed, it just means that it's a great example of YA fiction.
Despite the fact that the policy was part of a broader effort to make preventive care more affordable, religious conservatives, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, have decried the policy as calculatedly anti-religious.