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1. Capable of performing calculations: a calculating machine.
a. Shrewd; crafty: the calculating defense of an experienced attorney.
b. Coldly scheming or conniving.

cal′cu·lat′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.calculatingly - in a calculating manner; "he looked at her calculatingly"
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The quiet stranger looked at the door calculatingly.
Yesterday O'Sullivan did it the hard way, taking the lead inside the first mile and slowly but calculatingly crushing the best field of woman distance runners ever assembled for this great event.
Having had a taste of the tabloids' generosity when she sold the story of her fling with Lee Sharpe, she's enthusiastically turned it into a business, calculatingly setting out to seduce footballers into a honey trap, photograph them in bed and then cash in.
At times charming, at others violently angry, often calculatingly soft-spoken and sometimes passionate, scripter Thomas' asexual Rhodes stands astride his world without question.
They would claim that our politicians are incapable -- either calculatingly or through shallowness -- of separating causes from symptoms.
But the CyBC, calculatingly, did not mention this, distorting events in the crudest way.
Is he calculatingly setting a condition for the resumption of the talks that he knows the Turks would never satisfy?
Det Supt David Cook, who led the investigation, echoed Miss Cuddington's words, calling Cobb "devious, evil - calculatingly evil".
They are correct however, on one point -- that they had been calculatingly misled with false promises by the politicians and particularly President Anastasiades.
There's no doubt in my mind that she calculatingly set out to ensnare - certainly to enchant - President Clinton.
She had been guilty of calculatingly covering up her conflict of interest so now anyone with an axe to grind could accuse her, rightly or wrongly, of lacking integrity.