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1. Capable of performing calculations: a calculating machine.
a. Shrewd; crafty: the calculating defense of an experienced attorney.
b. Coldly scheming or conniving.

cal′cu·lat′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.calculatingly - in a calculating manner; "he looked at her calculatingly"
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The quiet stranger looked at the door calculatingly.
In fact, if there's a weakness to the book, it's that Cesca is almost too good, and conversely that Ronald is almost too calculatingly bad.
Either he did not comprehend the gravity of the situation, or -- the more likely -- he calculatingly delayed so as to burden the new president who would be elected in 2013 with the problem.
Rene decides to make the Goldens the subject of a documentary and becomes dangerously close to Nero, his three sons--Petronius, Apuleius and Dionysus--and to Nero's second wife, Vasilisa, a young, calculatingly ambitious Russian emigre, whose entry into the household is a catalyst for the tragic events that ensue.
So it was with a sickening sense of dAaAaAeA@jAaAaAeAaAaAeAeA vu that I watched the prosecution attempt the same tric Carter, whom they said coldly and calculatingly insinuated herself into Roy's vulnerable consciousness.
Ruth, Debbie and the rest of the diverse wrestling troupe personify the struggling Western women of the era-their problems calculatingly mined for laughs and, in some of the ruminative scenes, tears.
Thus, in the game of submission and power, which represents a certain cultural intransience and carries an unambiguous 'tribal' baggage, the coloniser is predisposed to calculatingly foisting on the colonised socio-cultural values, politico-economic rhetoric and medico-legal dogma, as Absolute Truth (see Figusch, 2006 and Nandy, 2014).
Nigel calculatingly married Philippa to advance his diplomatic career.
The videos are calculatingly horrible: over images of prisoners in orange jumpsuits having their throats slashed, Cuspert sings of rolling heads and men with black masks, their "creed sharp as knives.
While the slur "anchor babies" generally references the belief that unauthorized immigrants calculatingly reproduce in the hopes of gaining citizenship through native-born children, Bachmann's argument frames them as taking this swindle a step farther: illegally entering the country and then having babies for the express purpose of exploiting US taxpayers.
These final images and music, quite calculatingly used by the filmmakers to evoke an emotional response, also reinforce an essential truth about September 11 specifically and history generally: Tragedy and horror are real, and human existence is fragile, easily extinguished for no rational purpose or reason.
Twinam shows how some avoided tribute payments, others served in royal militias, a few were able to bypass prohibitions to enter universities, and many, guided by a "Hispanic propensity to think generationally" (126), played "genealogical mathematics" by calculatingly marrying lighter-skinned partners in hope of whitening future generations.