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1. Capable of performing calculations: a calculating machine.
a. Shrewd; crafty: the calculating defense of an experienced attorney.
b. Coldly scheming or conniving.

cal′cu·lat′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.calculatingly - in a calculating manner; "he looked at her calculatingly"
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The quiet stranger looked at the door calculatingly.
Statements are taken out of contexts, calculatingly misinterpreted or exaggerated while a negative spin is invariably put on the most innocuous of events.
In the pursuit of this goal it calculatingly misinforms foreigners, sets up legal traps, ignores legal rights and even passes judgment on what constitutes a 'normal' marriage.
When you have teachers who knowingly break the law, happily cheat their employer (the state), calculatingly let down the kids, resort to blackmail to defend their personal interests and consider compromise a dirty word, it is a miracle that our education system is still not producing large numbers of criminals.
Det Supt David Cook, who led the investigation, echoed Miss Cuddington's words, calling Cobb "devious, evil - calculatingly evil".
This was someone who allowed herself to be used, like an object, and then encou raged an unwilling Clinton to ejaculate upon her dress - which she then calculatingly stored away as evidence.
There are suspicions that he is calculatingly delaying the restructuring, completion of which would allow the new shareholders to vote a new board to run the bank, in order to keep control.
Third, the narrator is factually somewhat unreliable in claiming that he is sane since he displays notable features of insanity, and meanwhile he is factually somewhat reliable in making this claim since he retains enough rationality in calculatingly executing the murder.
This was a grossly unfair criticism of Akinci that calculatingly ignored the political balances he needs to maintain in the north and the pragmatic approach he must follow his relations with the Turkish government.
a blond, in a slip, sitting on a stool with legs wide apart, eyes cunningly slanted, tongue calculatingly out and the tip upturned between snow-white teeth, just touching the upper scarlet lip seductively.
He took the kindest, most caring person I've ever known, and he calculatingly took her from us all,' she said.
Paracha said that gas crisis would cross all proportions if authorities continued to serve the illegitimate interests of gas firms, illegal gas supply continued to influential despite court orders, exploration activities were kept intentionally sluggish and decision to import gas was calculatingly delayed.