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A machine in which paper or cloth is made smooth and glossy by being pressed through rollers.
tr.v. cal·en·dered, cal·en·der·ing, cal·en·ders
To press (paper or cloth) in the rollers of such a machine.

[French calandre, from Vulgar Latin *colendra, alteration (possibly influenced by Latin columna, column) of Latin cylindrus, roller; see cylinder.]

cal′en·der·er n.
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Adj.1.calendered - (of paper and fabric and leather) having a surface made smooth and glossy especially by pressing between rollers; "calendered paper"; "glossy paper"
shiny, glazed - having a shiny surface or coating; "glazed fabrics"; "glazed doughnuts"
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It was nearly two feet long, printed on calendered paper, with a selection of colors so bright that they shone even in the moonlight.
In this article, JMR discusses whether to utilize Cast or Calendered films.
The same authors [10] used a finite-difference nonisothermal model to study the temperature distribution in the calender gap, including the effect of viscous dissipation; they predicted local temperature maxima near the surfaces of the calenders--regions associated with high shear--but only a small rise in the temperature of the calendered product.
While calendered PVC film is widely used in medical applications, traditional TPEs have not performed well in calendering, a process which typically provides better thickness uniformity, more consistent physical properties and greater thermal stability than film extrusion.
After coating, the rolls were calendered on a pilot multinip calender.
A 250-micron homopolymer PP film made by Sleeve Touch is a very soft film like a calendered random copolymer.
The advantages of calendered webs during either staple fiber or continuous filament webs including softness, bulk or bending strength properties.
Three new grades of calendered flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) from the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex are said to provide the low-temperature and high-temperature performance required for such health-care products as cold and hot packs used for arthritis patients and in chiropractic therapy for tendon damage.
The SmartView system will be used to perform automated quality inspection in the production of soft calendered papers.
Calendered stock, tread extrusions, plies, beads and finished fires have been marked with tags, offset printers, indenting wheels, paint, acetate labels, hand stamps, even house paints.
plus 6] systems to moisturize while the paper is being calendered with 872 nozzles per calender.
Extruded PVC film uses less plasticizer than calendered, causing less off-gassing.