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 (kə-lĕn′drĭ-kəl) also ca·len·dric (-drĭk)
Of, relating to, or used in a calendar.
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Adj.1.calendrical - relating to or characteristic of or used in a calendar or time measurement; "calendric systems"; "solstice is a time of calendric importance"
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The richness of India's calendrical history, or the major contributions made in India in developing new and exciting games ( of which the now- global game of chess is perhaps the best known), should be objects of attention and enquiry, even to understand the nature of India and its culture.
He reached a high rank in Japan and the names of four of his Japanese pupils are known, so he was evidently a person of some learning and personal significance, but he is also said to have brought with him "in tribute" books on calendrical science, astronomy, geography, and divinatory and magical practices.
Only those designated as taaj would have had the knowledge to calculate and write the calendrical tables in the mural room and, presumably, in codex books, Rossi says.
This discovery increases the corpus of Classic period (AD 200-900) Maya mural painting to include residential figural wall art with highly complex painted texts and calendrical content.
uk WED22APRIL CALENDRICAL CALCULATIONS Hit on the side of the head with a baseball at the age of 10, Orlando Serrell was briefly knocked out before coming round and finishing the game.
The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader; Volume 2: Calendrical Texts and Sapiential Texts, Poetic and Liturgical Texts, Additional Genres and Unclassified Texts, 2nd Edition
Among the many things of special interest in Kershaw's account are, for this reader at least, the notably calendrical regulation of farming activity, as exemplified by what her Dusun informants called pyamo, a set of four related stellar constellations that were used in the past, after the felling and clearing of farm sites, to determine the timing of virtually every subsequent stage in the rice-cultivation cycle, and the elaborate prohibitions relating to work in a family's rice fields that were associated with days of the lunar month.
Olson's vision of space-time turns out to be not much different from, for instance, the Hopi vision of time-space (time and space united as a single process), while the Mayan obsession with calendrical systems resembles the USAmerIcan/Oxidental pantopian vision of absolute "co-control by analogy.
In the Middle Ages, calendrical festivals were often theatrically and festively celebrated; the Essex town of Maldon fed all the spectators at its Corpus Christi play in 1540 with meat, drink, and bread.
Washington, July 15 ( ANI ): Humans were able to develop a sophisticated calendrical system thousands of years earlier than previously believed, a new research has suggested.
These include rules of communities, biblically-inspired rewrites, calendrical texts, poetic texts, wisdom literature, commentaries on prophetic books, and so on.
This indicates that the Bible itself accepts a dual calendrical sys tem, with both Nisan and Tishrei acting as the beginning of the year.