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 (kə-lĕn′drĭ-kəl) also ca·len·dric (-drĭk)
Of, relating to, or used in a calendar.
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Adj.1.calendrical - relating to or characteristic of or used in a calendar or time measurement; "calendric systems"; "solstice is a time of calendric importance"
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A large part of the Dresden Codex, the oldest and the best preserved Maya manuscript, is dedicated to astronomical and calendrical data.
This plunges me into a new rhythm beyond the divisions of calendrical time, where praise is of a piece--indeed, the very "unending hymn of praise" of which we speak in the Mass.
Calendrical happenstance this spring planted Earth Day in the same April weekend as Divine Mercy Sun day, an alignment of dates that sprouted inspiration in Catholics worldwide as an occasion to live out Pope Francis' message on mercy toward God's creation and their common home.
Su Song, an astronomer and calendrical scientist, working with Han Gonglian, a mathematician and engineer, began by first studying previously produced astronomical apparatuses.
The reading of the Torah recommences as the calendrical year both ends and begins.
Vea chisels his novel with the glyphs and geometric artistry engraved in the Aztec Sun Stone, insinuating in its calendrical wheels a twinning or symmetrical relation with the brass knobs and wheels in the Antikythera device that calibrate the year, the day, and hour of human suffering and absolution.
And thirdly, once scientific calculations and technologies (telescopes and cameras) became available and common among Muslims, the question became: should the old traditional method, which was good for its time, be replaced by scientific calculations, observations and calendrical systems?
By 1732, the net result was a difference of eleven days in calendrical dates compared to most of continental Europe as well as a difference of up to five weeks in mobile ecclesiastical feasts such as Easter and Pentecost.
As the errors in the calendrical system slowly accumulated, the day Easter was celebrated and astronomical reality gradually diverged.
The richness of India's calendrical history, or the major contributions made in India in developing new and exciting games ( of which the now- global game of chess is perhaps the best known), should be objects of attention and enquiry, even to understand the nature of India and its culture.
He reached a high rank in Japan and the names of four of his Japanese pupils are known, so he was evidently a person of some learning and personal significance, but he is also said to have brought with him "in tribute" books on calendrical science, astronomy, geography, and divinatory and magical practices.
Only those designated as taaj would have had the knowledge to calculate and write the calendrical tables in the mural room and, presumably, in codex books, Rossi says.