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A Mediterranean annual plant (Calendula officinalis) in the composite family, widely cultivated for its showy, yellow or orange, rayed flower heads that were formerly used in medicine, coloring, and flavoring of food. Also called pot marigold.

[Medieval Latin, marigold, from Latin kalendae, calends; see calends.]
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1. (Plants) any Eurasian plant of the genus Calendula, esp the pot marigold, having orange-and-yellow rayed flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
2. (Plants) the dried flowers of the pot marigold, formerly used medicinally and for seasoning
[C19: from Medieval Latin, from Latin kalendae calends; perhaps from its supposed efficacy in curing menstrual disorders]
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(kəˈlɛn dʒə lə)

n., pl. -las.
a composite plant, Calendula officinalis, with many-rayed orange or yellow flowers.
[1870–75; < Medieval Latin, = Latin calend(ae) calends + -ula -ule]
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Noun1.calendula - any of numerous chiefly annual herbs of the genus Calendula widely cultivated for their yellow or orange flowerscalendula - any of numerous chiefly annual herbs of the genus Calendula widely cultivated for their yellow or orange flowers; often used for medicinal and culinary purposes
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Calendula - marigold
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* Kiehl's, which has used calendula petals in its formulations since the 1960s, has unveiled a lightweight moisturizer that provides instant relief from the feeling of irritated skin, aids in strengthening the skin barrier and helps to diminish the early signs of aging that occur when environmental factors compromise the skin barrier.
Encourage black fly predators, like ladybirds, by leaving a patch of nettles to grow in the garden, or plant some calendula.
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POT marigolds, or calendula, are packed with animal magnetism - their bright orange colour attracts predators such as hoverflies and draws in bees.
The PROcure line's hydrocortisone cream plus calendula, for example, replaces unnecessary ingredients with organic coconut oil and olive oil.
Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion (broad spectrum SPF 40) contains shea butter and calendula; Baby Face Mineral Sunscreen (broad spectrum SPF 40 face stick), cocoa butter and aloe; Kids Uber-Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion (broad spectrum SPF 40), shea butter and colloidal oatmeal; Kids Mineral Sunscreen Lotion (broad spectrum SPF 30), cranberry seed oil and aloe; and a pair of Mineral Sunscreens (broad spectrum SPF 40 and 25), red raspberry seed oil and argan oil.
Protect delicate, exposed areas like the cheeks, nose and hands with this baby-friendly balm containing organic almond oil, lanolin and calendula. Available from
"The winter garden can be really beautiful and abundant in nutrient-rich plants," says Bittner, who points to calendula, citrus, parsley, and radicchio as some of her favorites.
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California Baby owns and operates a best in class, FDA registered, certified organic, solar powered and sustainable manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, as well as an organic farm in Santa Barbara, CA where organic calendula flowers and other botanicals used in the products are grown.