calf's brain

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Noun1.calf's brain - the brain of a calf eaten as meat
brain - the brain of certain animals used as meat
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The food makes you feel like you are eating at a French country home or in Lyon (they serve calf's brain and sweetbreads) but the crowd's fashion reminds you that you are undoubtedly in Paris.
Heston's enthusiasm and artistry is beyond doubt and tonight, his guests, who include Alexander Armstrong and the Marquess of Bath, join the chef for an Ancient Roman themed banquet where they get to sample such delights as pig nipple scratching's and calf's brain custard.
But there are also a few of the decadent, and rather revolting, delicacies you might expect a monarch to eat, such as Ravioli au Parmesan, which is filled with sweetbread (calf's thymus gland) and calf's brain.