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Manila International Airport Authority (Miaa) General Manager Ed Monreal has assured the public that weighing scales at the check-in counters in all four Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) Terminals are checked daily and calibrated periodically before the first morning flight everyday.
The use of calibrated plywood has taken a huge leap as the designing of perfect modular kitchens have come into place.
Traditionally, machine tools were carefully calibrated when they were built.
Keith Hodkinson IT'S all very well to do that but are the car makers going to ensure all speedometers are calibrated to the same level?
The Netflix Calibrated Mode is intended to provide the best picture quality possible for film and TV shows on the streaming service by staying as true to the director's vision as possible.
LTFRB chairman Martin Delgra III said taxis that have been calibrated can now charge commuters the new rates.
Sony Electronics (SNE) announced Netflix (NFLX) Calibrated Mode - available exclusively on the new Sony MASTER Series A9F OLED and Z9F LCD TVs - to ensure cinematic fidelity for the viewing experience on Netflix.
THE RBI on Wednesday said it has been decided to conduct a pilot project under which 10 per cent of ATMs in the country will be calibrated to dispense on Rs 100 notes to encourage banks to meet the genuine requirements of the public.
Like any optical device, fingerprint and hand scanners need to be calibrated, but currently there is no standard method for doing so.
Thermometers that are not periodically calibrated may provide false readings and the consequences of this are poor quality, safety issues, energy inefficiency or reduced Mean Time Before failure (MTBF).