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Adj.1.calyceal - of or relating to or resembling a calyx
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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A single center experience comparing miniperc and Shockwave lithotripsy for treatment of radiopaque 1-2 cm lower caliceal renal calculi in children: a prospective randomized study.
Staghorn stones 22 Stone location - Lower pole 52 - Middle pole 4 - Upper pole 12 - Pelvis 66 - Lower pole and pelvis 60 - Multiple caliceal 29 Mean Guy score 1.89[+ or -]0.9 (1-4) Mean S.T.O.N.E.
Lower caliceal stone clearance after shock wave lithotripsy or ureteroscopy: The impact of lower pole radiographic anatomy.
Does a prilocaine 2% injection into the nephrostomy tract have a role in acute pain management after a lower caliceal puncture during a percutaneous nephrolithotomy?
The patients were divided into three subgroups A-C according to the Onen HN ultrasound grading system [5] as follows: stage 1--dilatation of renal pelvis alone, stage 2--like stage 1 plus caliceal dilatation, stage 3--like stage 2 plus <1/2 (mild-to-moderate) renal parenchymal loss, and stage 4--like stage 3 plus >1/2 (severe) renal parenchymal loss (cyst-like kidney with no visually significant renal parenchyma).
Diuresis and inversion therapy to improve clearance of lower caliceal stones after shock wave lithotripsy: a prospective, randomized, controlled, clinical study.
(23) found that the results of SWL for inferior caliceal calculi [less than or equal to]20 mm remain poorer in adults compared with children, so children can achieve high stone-free rates, requiring fewer numbers of SWL sessions than adults to be stone-free, and have a lower need for repeated treatment and auxiliary procedures.
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