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 (kăl′ə-pē′, kăl′ə-pē′)
An edible, gelatinous, yellowish substance found inside the lower shell of a turtle.

[Possibly alteration of calipash.]


(Zoology) the yellow glutinous edible part of the turtle found next to the lower shell, considered a delicacy
[C17: perhaps a variant of calipash]
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The tortoise--as the alderman of Bristol, well learned in eating, knows by much experience--besides the delicious calipash and calipee, contains many different kinds of food; nor can the learned reader be ignorant, that in human nature, though here collected under one general name, is such prodigious variety, that a cook will have sooner gone through all the several species of animal and vegetable food in the world, than an author will be able to exhaust so extensive a subject.
Sedley without bestowing upon him either calipash or calipee.
However, this was apparently not the classical gelatinous soup made from the calipee (Schroeder, 1924), but some concoction of meat and broth.