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 (kăl′ə-pē′, kăl′ə-pē′)
An edible, gelatinous, yellowish substance found inside the lower shell of a turtle.

[Possibly alteration of calipash.]


(Zoology) the yellow glutinous edible part of the turtle found next to the lower shell, considered a delicacy
[C17: perhaps a variant of calipash]
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The tortoise--as the alderman of Bristol, well learned in eating, knows by much experience--besides the delicious calipash and calipee, contains many different kinds of food; nor can the learned reader be ignorant, that in human nature, though here collected under one general name, is such prodigious variety, that a cook will have sooner gone through all the several species of animal and vegetable food in the world, than an author will be able to exhaust so extensive a subject.
Sedley without bestowing upon him either calipash or calipee.
the delicate calipash and calipee tasting of empire