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also cal·li·per  (kăl′ə-pər)
1. often calipers An instrument consisting of two hinged legs, used to measure thickness and distances.
2. A large instrument having a fixed and a movable arm on a graduated stock, used for measuring the diameters of logs and similar objects.
3. A vernier caliper.
a. The assembly housing the brake pads in a disc brake.
b. The assembly in certain bicycle brakes that forces the brake pads against the wheel rim.

[Alteration of caliber.]

cal′i·per v.
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Rather sur- prised, I said Yes, when he produced a thing like calipers and got the dimensions back and front and every way, taking notes carefully.
Summary: [170 Pages Report] Automotive Brake Caliper Market research report categorizes the global market by Product Type (Fixed Calipers, sliding Calipers), By Piston Material (Aluminium, Steel, Titanium, Phenolics), By Vehicle Type (PCV, LCV, HCV, Two Wheeler), & Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, APEJ, MEA)
On the basis of product type, market is divided into floating brake calipers and fixed brake calipers.
Faulty or collapsed hoses: A collapsed, or malfunctioning brake hose can result in calipers that move unevenly.
These components include wheels, brake calipers, brake discs, steering knuckles and suspension arms and links (Fig.
3141 to organise on-the-spot limb/caliper fitment camps in Mumbai to distribute prosthetics or artificial limbs, calipers and other physical aids and appliances at free of cost.
The only downside, if you could call it that, is you'll probably end up dedicating one caliper to group measurements only, but with stainless steel digital calipers selling for less than $40, it's a worthwhile investment in tooling.
Mahr Federal wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within the company's families of digital calipers and digital indicators, using proven wireless technology.
The recent court case saw the motorsport manufacturer awarded PS570,660 in damages, costs and interest following a ruling that Alcon Components infringed a patent protecting its innovative Radi-CAL concept for motorsport brake calipers. It's the highest ever level of damages awarded in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, The case centred around a range of brake calipers introduced and patented in 2007.
Hexagon Metrology (North Kingstown, RI) has announced the release of the new Brown & Sharpe TWIN-CAL IP67 calipers with built-in output connection.