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also calk  (kôk)
v. caulked, caulk·ing, caulks also calked or calk·ing or calks
1. To make watertight or airtight by filling or sealing: caulk a pipe joint; caulked the cracks between the boards with mud.
2. Nautical To make (a boat) watertight by packing seams with a waterproof material, such as oakum or pitch.
To apply caulking: caulked all around the window frame.

[Middle English cauken, to press, from Old North French cauquer, from Latin calcāre, to tread, from calx, heel.]

caulk′er n.
References in classic literature ?
Following the housewarming, which was accomplished by means of seal-oil and a wick made from cotton calking, came the hunting for our winter's meat and the building of the second hut.
Twenty feet away a weary-faced sailor was calking the deck.
The carpenter was engaged constantly in attempting to locate such places, and, when he succeeded, in calking them tighter and tighter.
Water damage can occur from leaking fixtures or poorly sealed grout or calking.