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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mark - a mark consisting of characters written on a bookcall mark - a mark consisting of characters written on a book; used to indicate shelf location
mark - a written or printed symbol (as for punctuation); "his answer was just a punctuation mark"
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For more information call Mark Cooke on 07894567081.
For tickets or information, call Mark on 07908470689 or Steve on 07786430807.
For further information call Mark Ellicott on 07846 372798 or Ste Williams on 07703 813786 for further details.
To book or for details, call Mark Smith at Durham FA on 0191 3872929 or send an email to mark.
For further information please call Mark Thomson or Rachel Ford on 020 7781 2300 or email stem@consolidatedpr.
com/foreshoremxc or call Mark Thomas on 029 2044 5900 or 07814 544244.
His daughter, Zoe, a floor manager, denied she heard another worker call Mark a "Scottish c**t".
To find out more about the project, call Mark on 07795 576 975 or email blyth@sustrans.
To have a bird survey done, or volunteers wanting to help, call Mark Vercoe on 01248 672864 or email mark.
To advertise your vacancy call Mark on 020 7510 6502
FOR information, call Mark on 07885 847806 or log on to www.