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call, phone call, telephone call - a telephone connection; "she reported several anonymous calls"; "he placed a phone call to London"; "he heard the phone ringing but didn't want to take the call" - the recall of an employee after a layoff
employment, engagement - the act of giving someone a job
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In a statement online, PACP said, "The Public Authority for Consumer Protection in cooperation with Suhail Bahwan Automotive Group has launched a call-back campaign for 1,039 Nissan Civic (W41) buses 1999-2014."
The rider will then receive a call-back within a couple minutes from Uber's Global Incident Response Team.
A joint statement from YAS and Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group, said: "Regional arrangements for clinical call-backs are in place and YAS staff clinically assess all calls waiting for a call-back in order to prioritise those who need the most urgent help.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 8, 2014-RJR Technology using Five9 to reduce call-back time
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 8, 2014-RJR Technology using Five9 to reduce call-back time
While browsing a web page, a visitor can leave a call-back number and talk to a sales person.
I have tried calling the bank's call centre repeatedly and each time they tell me that they have registered me for a call-back service.
The longest I have had to wait for a call-back is half an hour and I was given an appointment for the next day to see one of the most popular doctors who, under the old system, you would have waited two weeks to see.
Also, if you have left the premises and are in transit or at home and are called back again, that's another four hours' call-back. This payment is in addition to the on-call allowance of $21.04 or $42.24 if on call on a rostered day off.
"While the rise in the number of complaints is worrying, the increase in call-back times is of even greater concern."