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 (kă′lə-lo͞o′, kă′lə-lo͞o′)
1. The edible spinachlike leaves of dasheen or any of several species of amaranth.
2. A soup or stew made of these leaves or other greens, okra, crabmeat, and seasonings.

[American Spanish calulú, plant of genus Xanthosoma whose leaves are used as greens, perhaps from Tupí caárurú, thick leaf.]


a variant spelling of calalu


(ˌkæl əˈlu, ˈkæl əˌlu)

a thick soup of crabmeat, greens, and seasonings.
[1695–1700; compare Jamaican E calalu greens used in soup < American Spanish calalú, Portuguese carurú, said to be < Tupi caárurú thick leaf]
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