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 (kă′lə-lo͞o′, kă′lə-lo͞o′)
1. The edible spinachlike leaves of dasheen or any of several species of amaranth.
2. A soup or stew made of these leaves or other greens, okra, crabmeat, and seasonings.

[American Spanish calulú, plant of genus Xanthosoma whose leaves are used as greens, perhaps from Tupí caárurú, thick leaf.]


a variant spelling of calalu


(ˌkæl əˈlu, ˈkæl əˌlu)

a thick soup of crabmeat, greens, and seasonings.
[1695–1700; compare Jamaican E calalu greens used in soup < American Spanish calalú, Portuguese carurú, said to be < Tupi caárurú thick leaf]
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callalou de Brinvilliers in which I put some ground up glass, codfish
Coconut, green and yellow papayas, tamarinds, jack fruit, mangoes, bananas, plantains, bread fruit, ackee (a fruit), dasheen, callalou leaves, banana leaves, pineapple, passion fruits, lobster, red snapper, reef fish, conch, tomatoes, pumpkin, corn, curry, allspice, bay leaves, nutmeg, cinnamon, habanero peppers, seasoned peppers and coffee are some of the common signature foods in the islands that you'll find interpreted in different ways, adds Andersson.
We exchanged gifts, swapping a set of coffee mugs with the Horseshoe Falls, trillium, and Ontario flag, hand-painted in Japan, for their philodendron, then, since I don't know what constitutes a Canadian meal, introduced them to callalou and cascadou, which some people call delicacies.