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1. The act or an instance of calling back from one location or situation to the previous one: a callback of laid-off auto workers.
2. A second or follow-up audition, especially as one of a set of such auditions for a role in a play.
3. A return telephone or radio call.
4. A recall of a recently sold product by the manufacturer to correct a defect.


an invitation to someone who has attended an interview, audition, etc to attend a subsequent round in a selection process


or call′-back`,

1. a summoning of workers back to work after a layoff.
2. a request to a performer to return for further auditioning.
3. a return telephone call.
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Noun1.callback - a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)
asking, request - the verbal act of requesting


[ˈkɔːlbæk] N (Comm) → retirada f (de productos con defecto de origen)
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The study showed that younger female applicants had a higher callback rate than middle-aged female applicants, and older female applicants had the lowest callback rate.
The Roaming Callback App from Etisalat allows roaming customers to enjoy calling any number within the country of visit, the UAE, or other countries at a special flat rate of AED 3/min.
tr), a leading provider of telecom solutions, software products and services for communications networks, is pleased to announce that the leading mobile operator in Nepal with over 12 million mobile subscribers in the country and roaming across Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, has selected Defne's Roamers CallBack solution to deploy in its network.
And now businesses can enjoy the goodness of callback with less upfront investment and expedited implementation.
Yet it is precisely the bachelor's degrees granted by the fastest-growing set of institutions that are associated with the worst callback outcomes for jobs requiring a bachelor's degree.
The Advanced Cyber Attack Landscape" draws from blocking more than 12 million callback events from 184 countries logged by the FireEye platform across thousands of end-user appliances during 2012.
callback activities-89 percent-are associated with APT tools that are made in China
The cancer callback nurses proactively call patients directly throughout the duration of their treatment.
THE world's first callback service for patients undergoing cancer treatment will be launched today by Tenovus.
There wasn't much difference across regions of the country, although the callback rate was a bit higher for larger builders (those starting more than 100 units per year).
With one digit of her telephone number mistyped on her resume, Garcia didn't find out she had been asked to the second callback until she read it in an e-mail after the callback was already over.