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Noun1.calliandra - any of various shrubs and small trees valued for their fine foliage and attractive spreading habit and clustered white to deep pink or red flowerscalliandra - any of various shrubs and small trees valued for their fine foliage and attractive spreading habit and clustered white to deep pink or red flowers
genus Calliandra - genus of pinnate-leaved shrubs and small trees of tropical and subtropical North and South America and India and West Africa
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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The reforestation process begins with the planting of calliandra to quell acidic cogonal grass.
Other trees account for half of the inventory of Baguio's tree cover at around 1.2 million which include alnus, eucalyptus and calliandra trees.
He said goats kept under zero-grazing feed on napier grass, Rhodes grass, Kikuyu grass, maize and hay.They also love lucerne, calliandra, leucena, desmodium, mulberry, sweet potato vines, cotton seed cake, sunflower cake and soy bean cake for proteins, feeds that are, however, harder to come by.
The common supplement found in all the zones is MBL that was rich in CP likely due to the inclusion of leaves of leguminous shrub and tree species such as Acacia spp., Sesbania spp., and Calliandra spp.
Because this pattern has been similar or worse in the rest of the valley outside the campus during the same period, it is likely that several hundreds of plant species became lost in the whole Central Valley [e.g., Amaranthus spinosus L., Calliandra calothyrsus Meisn., Chenopodium ambrosioides L., Frangula pendula A.
La mayor importancia ecologica de las especies Citrus sinensis, Calliandra pittieri, Inga edulis y Cordia alliodora en este estudio estaria relacionada con las preferencias de los productores asociadas al uso y caracteristicas de las especies que determinan interacciones favorables en asocio con el cafe.
1.90## 0.90## 0.37 0.20 Bougainvillea glabra Choisy 2.78## 0.64## 0.38 0.22## Calliandra inaequilatera Rusby 2.41 1.41 0.68 0.68 Cercidium floridum Benth.
Tannins predominant in Calliandra calothyrus reduced nutrient degradation and might have affected methanogenesis.
New species of Hymenoptera associated with galls on Calliandra brevipes Benth.
of land with 83,350 trees only-involved the planting of the forest trees Benguet pine, kupang, narra, gmelina, teak, ipil-ipil, and antsoan dilau; the medicinal trees eucalyptus and dapdap; the fruit-bearing trees avocado, bugnay (local wild berry), jackfruit, and guava; the tropical flowering plants bougainvillea, calliandra, and coffee; and vetiver, a bunchgrass used to prevent soil erosion.