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Verb1.calligraph - write beautifully and ornamentally
write - mark or trace on a surface; "The artist wrote Chinese characters on a big piece of white paper"; "Russian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet"
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Right now he's working on an 1886 Calligraph check him and his projects out on Instagram.
L'autre nouveautAaAaAeA@ consiste en la prAaAaAeA@sence d'un artiste calligr de GhardaAaAaAeA a, Salah Almakbad, qui animera des ateliers de calligraph et tiendra des expositions dans le hall de l'OpAaAaAeA@ra, durant toute durAaAaAeA@e du festiva
Shu Uemura tries to end this problem with the Calligraph:Ink liquid eyeliner.
Recently, she faced a big challenge: A client commissioned her to calligraph some poems for a wedding.
"We did a workshop for widows called Calligraph where the purpose was to teach them that art can be a source of income.
The star, affectionately known as Humph, also left his interest in his jazz record label Calligraph Records to his manager Susan Da Costa.
A new album, Cornucopia, is just out on his own Calligraph label, Lyttelton's home over the past two decades, and his book of reminiscences, It Just Occurred to Me...
In 1960, he collaborated on the Alwin Nikolais work Totem; in 1961, he created costumes for Murray Louis's Calligraph for Martyrs.
Pen stroke exercises are given to everyone, and then later on, students are asked to calligraph their personal mantras and mottos using their own calligraphy style.
The star also left his interest in his jazz record label Calligraph Records to his manager Susan Da Costa.
Calligraphed citations in scrolls, mementos, framed pictures of Andy shaking hands with a dignitary.
Prayer lines are calligraphed over the facade of the building.